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    Whitish discoloration in the shape of circles on leaves, small white, orange-ish/red, black tiny "things" on leaves and the leaves on one of the plants is dropping and turning to one side.

    info: pH 6.5
    Pro-Mix **potting mix** added Perlite
    1200w - AGLEX full spectrum LED (Overkill) was 34" from seedlings..

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  2. Pro mix soil? The Pro mix I'm familiar with is a soiless mix of peat and perlite.
    Meaning it has no nutrients. Is this what you got?
  3. Promix has a few different blends. Some organic mixes have ferts in them. I was using promix organic moisture mix for my first grow. Its real shitty. I now use promixHP with ewc and extra perlite.
  4. I thought they were all soiless but it's not my medium so I'm not surprised to hear that
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  5. haha, wow didnt even know! (Pro Mix - Potting Mix) I switched to Fox farm ocean forest
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  6. Allow me to be CLEAR.
    You want to start with Pro-Mix BX.
    Then add your nutrients.
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    I just watched a video from Pro-Mix. The only difference between Pro-Mix BX and Pro-Mix HP is the higher percentage of perlite.
    So.... Pro-Mix HP is a fine choice for reefer...
    IMO, of course.
  8. Thank you my Squirrel brother

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