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  1. Hey guys first time poster here. Been smoking for the past 5 years through bongs, pipes etc, but I feel like the smoke is taking a toll on my throat. Always been interested in vaporizers but to be honest I don't know anything about them and my seldom friends who do smoke have no interest. I looked on the boards here, but was hoping some of you seasoned veterans can help an amateur like me in answering a few questions I have. The extent of my knowledge comes from watching Doug Benson use one in Super High Me lol. So here it goes...

    First, some general questions:

    1. How exactly does a vaporizer work? Do they all use bags? Do others use tubes?
    2. Do you get the same high from a vaporizer?
    3. How easy is it to use?
    4. Does the use of a vaporizer reduce smell?
    5. How do travel or stealth vaporizers works?

    Lastly, some more specific questions/recommendations:

    1. Can anyone recommend a good at-home vaporizer that's not too big and relatively easy to use while delivering a good high. Price doesn't matter but looking to stay under $300 if possible.
    2. Also can someone recommend a good travel/discrete vaporizer I could take out at say concerts or while at the beach that would be inconspicuous, easy to use, and have not much of a smell. Again, trying to stay under the $300 range.

    I know I can probably find answers to all these questions individually by scouring the boards, but if someone can be so kind as to help out in this thread and hook me up with some good, honest information, I would be really totally appreciative.

    Thanks again guys and I appreciate the time.
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    The above information was put together by which is also a site that is worth a visit.
    Between that Vaporpedia link (along with the associated links on Vaporpedia), and the FC site, you will have more information than anything that could be gotten here.
  3. Alright so for your questions:
    1. Vaporizers work by gently heating your bud instead of combusting it like you would with a lighter, better for your lungs as there is no smoke and also lets you get pretty much straight THC without most of the other stuff you would otherwise be smoking (CBDs, toxins, etc.), not all vapes use bags and yeah some use whips... which are essentially "tubes"
    2. I mean the high from a vaporizer is a little different i guess, it also depends on the temperature your bud is being heated at; i like to use like 360F-390F. You are getting more of the THC then the CBDs and other toxins that make you sleepy and will give you a sort of 'couch locked' feeling, so I would describe vaping as more of a clear headed high then you would get with smoking.
    3. Ease of use depends on the vape i guess... some like the MFLB have a learning curve to them but honestly with a little practice you'll get the hang of it
    4. Yeah vaporizing smells wayyyyy less then smoking does, some do smell more then others though... The most stealthy vape I have ever used is the MFLB
    5. I'm honestly not really too sure what this is asking but i'll try anyways; portable vapes usually just use a battery that is recharged every now and then, kinda like a cell phone... sorry don't really know if that answered your question
    As far as a good vape to recommend, you have a pretty good budget to work with man. For a travel vape, i personally have the pax and love it, but I will say it does smell more then some other vapes i have used, though its small size makes it pretty stealthy anyways. If youre looking for stealth, though it doesnt hit as hard as some other vapes, the MFLB is about as stealthy as you can get. If youre looking for a desk vape i have heard good things about the Da Buddah Vape at like 200 bucks, the Silver Surfer vape at like 250 i think, and the Arizer Extreme Q at like 240. Hope i answered all your questions haha  :smoke:
  4. Little bit late here, but if it helps any I'll gladly contribute. I, too was relatively new to smoking, and smoked for about a year. However i felt smoking take a toll on my lungs (playing the trumpet and all) and i wanted to start vaporizing, but i couldnt find any information that helped me COMPLETELY. Eventually i decided to take the jump and buy the Arizer Solo from puff it up for 160 and couldnt be happier. If you are used to dry smoke (Spoons, pipes, joints) then vapor will be way less harsh on your throat and you will love it, but it is still dry, therefor a lot of people cough. It is very discreet, I live with my parents when im not in college and still want to "GO" but my parents do not endorse or like any part of cannabis. So as soon as i bought my Arizer Solo, I realized that i can even vape in my room. Despite what many might say, vapor DOES smell, just about 1/3 as much as smoking, and it goes away almost immediatly, so just blow out a window or something. As far as a good home vape, I would say either The silver surfer vape, or Da buddha. For a portable, everything varies; if you want great vapor but less portability, then go with the Arizer Solo, for complete portability, go with the magic flight launch box. If you are willing to spend a lottle bit more and get more portability with great vapor then go for either the pax by ploom, or the Davinci Ascent. Good luck and happy toking 
  5. 1.  There are two different types of "vaporizers"  
    True vape= convection (hot air to vaporize material)
    fake vape=conduction (touching heating element, has COMBUSTION in some degree)
    Not all use bags, only one I've owned with a bag was the Volcano.  My SSV uses a tube.
    2.  Oh yea and it takes ALOT less weed.
    3.  Extremely.  No lighters no problems.  All are electronic and with either a push of a button (portable) or a pull on a tube (desk) and you get a fat vape cloud.
    4.  Yes.  It still smells a little.  If smell is a concern try concentrates, they smell different than skunk.
    5.  You put em' in your pocket, you pull it out, you put a lil' bit of wax/weed (depending) in the heating chamber, you push a button once, wait two seconds, push it again and pull on it, exhale, and repeat until farked up.
    1.  SSV.  This is a true CONVECTION vaporizer.  It is made in CO and comes with a 5 (I think) year warranty.  It is 100% customizable, you can buy water chamber attachments for the tube.  the tube is made to fit into a 18mm downstem so you can use your bong.  The glass on it is hand blown and great quality.  Comes with a hemp ( I believe ) travel case that looks dope and is padded for protection. I got mine for 269$.  Worth every pretty penny.
    1. You have to buy a whip holder if you don't want to hold your whip up to the heating source every pull.
    2.  You have to stir your material after every few pulls to ensure you vaped everything.
    2.  Dude I don't care what people say, hating on the RX and shit, but get the Atmos RX if you are looking for a concert vape pen and can get your hands on concentrates.  First off, it looks like the old Blu ecigs so no one says anything.  Second, unless you blow a fat cloud of vapor in someones face, with concentrates, it doesn't smell at all.  Third, this bitch is slick lookin.  Fourth, it also is made to fit into any 18mm downstem so you can use it in a bong and take a dab.  THIS IS A PORTABLE DABBER.  DON't BUT ONLINE.  I just bought mine at a headshop in Denver for 115$.  It was the limited edition green pen too with 2 chambers.
    1. Burns weed, not vape.
    2. you can't turn it off
    B)  If you can't get concentrates  MFLB is your best option.

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