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  1. HI all this is my 3rd grow im growing in a 4x4 secret jardin with a 600w hps and a 400w mh growing 5 plants currently 3 pineapple chunck and 2 wembley in ocean forest soil 5 gallon buckets i am in my last 2 weeks of flowering and one of my plants look weird to me kind of looks like a hermie but i am not sure it just looks different then the rest check out the pics and PLEASE let me know what you think thanks in advance if its a hermie should i pull it now or wait to finish thanks again.

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  2. it doesnt look like one to me... although the third photo looks like there might be a Nanner there. but it might just be a stem, it looks like the internodal Bud sites are extending like small colas, completely normal with some strains.
  3. not a hermie i see no male pollen sacks it does have some abnormal bud growth though nothing to bad or to worry about, if it does turn out to be a hermie dont cut it roll with the punches and cut all the male parts try to keep up with it dont let your hard work go to waste, worse case senario you will have a bunch of seeds and not as potent bud but seeds will be feminized and you will never have to buy seeds again
  4. thanks csnow and stoppedat the 3rd pick is a stem it just looks way different then the rest thats why i got worried plus im still new to this only my 3rd grow i learned a bunch from reading the site i just joined today so i can ask that question thanks for the quick response i tried searching for hermie pics late in flowering but couldnt find any im glad to hear you guys dont think its a hermie and i also didnt know that hermie plants produce fem seeds learned something new thanks again but one more question i have a 600w and a 400w in there now and rotate the plants under them is it necessary to rotate them or should i just leave them alone thanks again
  5. not a hemie, at least no nuts i can see, in fact things are looking great, you are in "the swell" I would say just keep water only, or start after one more feeding. The leaves are looking good for 6-7 weeks. Either way, keep it up and watch those girls fatten up, that is my favorite part of the grow, where you separate the keeper pheno's from the one and dones. Good luck man, show us some harvest pix when ur there.

  6. thanks da you are right it will be 8 weeks sat im glad you dont think its hermie either i flushed this past sat and feeding only water and mollases and i will def post harvest pics and weight and smoke report also will start journal on my next grow ordered chocolope and super lemon haze from attitude for next grow thanks again
  7. yes keep rotating them on a schedule so they grow a nice even canopy and one doesnt out shade another. and yes only way to produce fem seeds is through a hermie all the seeds will have the hermie trait but as long as you give the plant ideal conditions it will stay 100% feminized, stress, especially during flowering, is what causes the hermie trait to "activate".
  8. great thanks again for all the info will continue rotating and straight water and mollases for a few more weeks the trichs are cloudy but only a few amber so i guess a few more weeks till their ready thanks again
  9. I would stop the mollases then. Honestly, WATER ONLY at the end is the way to go. Good move doing a flush before starting with only water. Did you do a full 3X volume flush? Your fans are looking nice and yellowing and youll be very happy with the result.
    During the end for me. I try to use water only for 10-20 days, depending on plant and how well I know when it will be done (~14 is ideal, IMO) and I like to do a full flush at the start and then a week later (after 2/3 waterings after the first flush).
    Keep it up.
  10. yes i did a full 3x volume flush took forever lol and i will stop the mollases then and see how it goes thanks again for all your info
  11. hermie seeds make hermie plants
  12. not always
    sometimes they make Males :p

    Also, it depends, if they were sprayed with that Silver Acid stuff (cant remember the name off the top of my head, search DIY Feminized seeds) they'll grow Male Flowers also, which will not contain a Y Chromosome since it was not already in the plant's DNA to Hermie in the first place. and leave it purely X X thus guaranteeing Female seeds (feminized)
  13. hermie seeds carrie the hermie trait but that does not mean they will make a hermie you can prevent it not every time but you can get it to a high success rate, they will just pass the hermie trait to all the offspring but the only way to make feminized seeds is with a hermie

  14. how abou an update my man, would ove to see where your at now
  15. thanks for all the help here are some pics of the harvest will update weight and smoke report when dried the webley from pyramid seeds gave of about twice as much from 2 plants then the pineapple chunck thanks again :D

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  16. ok final report total weight dried wembly from pyramid seeds 2 plants total weight 11.2 ounces smells and smokes GREAT now pineapple chunck smells fruity taste fruity high is good but not as good as the wembly total weight from 3 plants little over 6 ounces not the best yielder but good smoke and super easy to grow starting grow journal in a few weeks on ak48 and more wembley its def a keeper for me thanks for all the help again
  17. damn over 11oz from 2 plants, thats big were they? pot size?
  18. they were about 4 and 1/2 feet tall in 5 gallon pots i started flowering when they reached 24" they streched alot i topped one and left one untopped the untopped one produced a little more
  19. wembley from pyramid seeds is great its my first time growing it but compared to things i have grown before white widow,blueberry, pineapple chunck and super lemon haze it was the best yielder and a great smoke will def grow again been thinking about growing more plants in 3 gallon pots instead of 5 gallon pots but worried about loosing yield any input? i am still new to this it was just my 3rd complete grow thanks again
  20. i fucking envy you you son of a bitch!! lol j/k that looks like a BEAUTIFUL harvest!! luckyyyy

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