Help a newb who can't seem to grow :(

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Rambo4104, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. Hi all, I've visited grasscity for a while now just admiring the bongs and pipes and plants and whatnot, and figured I might as well sign up here and try to get help with growing.

    I'm a huge pothead, and I love smoking pot. Right now I'm on a 46 day tokin streak :). Even though I'm a seasoned pothead, I've never quite been able to grow.

    I tried about two weeks ago but nothing seems to be happening, so I was looking for any kind of advice that would help for next time. I need to know EVERYTHING there is to growing. Not like how to hide it and get away with it, but to physically make it grow. Eg, what kind of seeds do I need, what should I do to the seeds before I plant them, how much water per day they need, the ammount of sunlight needed, etc etc.

    So please, anyone who really knows what they're talking about help me.

  2. If you truly want to know EVERYTHING, start by reading the useful stickies around the forum, maybe some grow journals, and then if you still have questions, please feel free to ask. Nothing is better then researching on your own though! Good luck and Welcome:wave:
  3. I read a few of the stickies, but I was looking for more direct advice.
  4. hey there. if you want to learn how to grow and just practice, definitely use bagseed. i'm sure you've smoked some bud that had a seed in it at some point. place a few seeds in water and put them in a dark place for a few days. check them like every 12 hours. it's ok if they float at first. as soon as you see a taproot coming out, plant them about a half inch down in party cups using some good organic soil with no nutrients added to it. make sure your soil is good and wet. cover the top of your party cups with some plastic wrap until the seedling comes through the soil. the plastic wrap helps keep moisture in for the first few days. make sure and give your seeds lots of light, at least 100 watts per plant. don't overwater either. poke your finger in the soil (on the edge of the cup) down about an inch. If your finger is wet, it's not time to water yet. hope this gets you started!
  5. So before planting them, I soak them in a cup of water for a few days until the taproot starts showing?
  6. yeah. it's called germination
  7. Tight.

    And you said soil with no added nutrients? Does that mean I can't use miricale grow?
  8. i wouldn't recommend it. MG contains too much nutrients for a little plant. your plants will do better if you add your own nutrients later.
  9. Ah, okay. I guess that's a newb mistake.

    Where can I get organic soil and how much would it cost?
  10. at any place that has a garden center, such as fred meyers or walmart or home depot or something like that. i think i paid $9.99 for a 16 qt bag. look for something that contains perlite and vermiculite and no nutrients. perlite and vermiculite are good for retaining water. i use black gold organic soil but there are lots of good ones out there.
  11. also, i explained the technique i use for germination. if you search for other ways to germinate, you will have other people tell you they like to use damp paper towels and stuff. i just go with what i think is easiest, putting the seeds in water in the dark for a few days.
  12. So I'm about to go get a cup to put my seeds in. How many hours should it take for the taproots to become visable?

    Also, starting now, how long do you think it will take before I have a sprouted plant?
  13. if you put the seeds in water right now, you will probably see a taproot in one to three days. use slightly warm water. this helps speed up the process a little. once you put the seed into the soil, it will probably be about three or so more days before you see anything come out of the soil. be very careful when planting the seed. use tweezers or something clean, other than your fingers. i've heard the oil from your hands is bad. touch the seed as little as possible.
  14. Eh, I didn't warm the water before putting the seeds in. Is it worth taking them out and warming the water? Or should I just let it alone.

    Not using hands seems logical, but does it matter if I used my hands to put the seeds in the water? Or is it just when planting it in the soil?
  15. i usually throw the seeds in with my hands too. screw the warm water. it always helps, but it is not necessary. make sure those seeds are somewhere dark though.
  16. whew, all this advice i'm giving! i think it might be time to smoke a bowl....
  17. Yeah that's what I figured.

    Alright dude, I'll give the seeds their time and come back to this thread with any future questions. Thanks alot for the help, I was doing so much shit wrong.

    Haha no doubt, I've already hit 4 today :p
  18. anytime. PM me if you need anything else. i sure don't know everything, but i'm happy to share my knowledge with you!
  19. I soak and use the paper towel method depending on my mood or the strain I'm growing. An easy way to heat the water up is to place it on top of a cable box, or modem, or something similar. I see that you are not going to be using MG, this is good. MG has time release food in it which can really crap up a plant quick. Also it kinda limits you if you do want to use your own nute schedule. Good luck
  20. I think one of my seeds is starting, it's got a little white tail popping out of it. That's what I'm looking for, right?

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