Help a first timer with soil.

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    Okay so this is the soil I started with, before reading about how bad time release fertilizer's are in soil. But the number's on the package say [.08 .12 .08] is this really enough to do any harm? Any Canadians have a soil they can recommend? I have some perlite and vermiculite I'm thinking of mixing in the new soil. There is no where I can get Fox Farm near me (I don't think Walmart etc. sells it, or if it's even in Canada.) Right now my plants are doing really well by the looks of it. Here's the 2 biggest ones so far (About 4-5 days since breaking the surface). All feedback is welcome!

    Edit; Here's a pic of the soil.

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  2. Your plant looks good!
    Just make sure you don't use too much fertilizer or it will spark when you're lighting the bud to smoke! But that won't be for a while..
  3. Thanks! I'm still lookin around for some nuets and soil if anyone from Canada has some recommendations! Places like Canadian tire, home depot/rona, walmart etc.
  4. Cheapest nutes u can get is kelp meal and alfalfa fme. Steeping a half cup of each in a 5 gallons of h2o and cutting it at a ratio of 1 to 4 galls of water will give u a good solution of nutes to water them with.
  5. Anyone know of any pre-packaged soil & nutrients in Canada? C'mon someone's gotta know something!
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    What do you guy's think of this for soil and nuets? Please give me some input!
    (I know the one says evergreen, does that matter?)

    Nuet's for flowering:
    Plant-Prod Flowering Plant Fertilizer, 15-30-15 | Canadian Tire

    Nuet's for veg:
    CIL Evergreen 10-3-6 | Canadian Tire

    Soil (Not sure which one. Is the Pro-Mix worth the extra 10 or so dollars?)
    Premier Pro-Mix, Potting and Seeding Mix | Canadian Tire

    Edit; Just realized the Pro-Mix comes in 85L Bags! Hopefully they have smaller ones in store..If not I might have to end up getting the C.I.L.

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