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Help a fellow stoner in his time of need

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The stoner man, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. So here's the situation; I'm in Jamaica with my family and I have dank bud but nothing to smoke with, I ran out of papers and I don't have any apples or cans. Can you guys give me some advice about what to make, I don't have any tin foil.


    Also if I end up not smoking then I want to bring the bud home. we will be flying so I will need to get it past security. Any advice about that? I'm thinking of breaking up the nugs and putting them into my pants pockets so they look like lint then putting all of my clothes in a checked bag and not my carry on.
  2. You can't go to a store and buy a can of coke?
  3. Absolutely DO NOT try to smuggle the bud through airport security. Get a waterbottle a pen and a socket if possible and make a bong.
  4. Find a metal pen you can use as a chillum, you can use a metal pen cap as a bowl if you flip it inside-out and tape it on there.
  5. Don't put it in your pockets you won't get any of it back trust me
  6. If he doesent have a can what makes you think he's gonna have a socket and a metal pen lol
  7. I don't know why people try to smuggle stuff into the U.S. You might get lucky once and get it through but every time I go through they rub this wand on all the stuff I put into the plastic bucket and then stick it into a machine and look for traces of drugs. I think that's what it does, if not correct me. They also scan your shit even the bags you check in. So don't think its safe if it isn't carry on. Carry on gets scanned and they see everything in your backpack, and are allowed to open it up and search inside it for whatever reason. You will get caught.
  8. You are in Jamaica. Everyone smokes ganja there so you should be able to bum some papers. There at least has to be someone who you can bum a cig from and use that. I would advise against bringing the bud back to the states.
  9. ...Buy more papers?

    Also, a friend of mine smuggled bud by putting it in 3 separate small bags, and each bag inside a condom and swallowed them.
    Once on the plane, he threw them up and before unboarding, went back and did it again, swallowed 3 more.
  10. I can't buy more, my mom won't let me go to the store alone because as thinks I will be robbed.
  11. Got a cigarette? If so empty out the tobaccy and stuff your ganja in there then pull out the filter and put a crutch in there or just rip off the part of the paper that goes over the filter.
  12. how old are you?
  13. My best friend took some dank bud with him to Italy. He put it in a baggie, and tied the baggie off so nothing would get down in the weed. Then he shoved it down into the soap of a bottle of axe body wash. Dogs can't smell it over the axe, and if it is submerged, then you should be good.
  14. #14 The stoner man, Aug 12, 2011
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    Im 19, my mom is paranoid.
  15. Tell your mom to go with you to pick up a can of coke or somethin
  16. #16 d3thk0r3, Aug 12, 2011
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    Dogs can definitely still smell it. He just got lucky.
  17. that sucks. don't bring it back man that's just a risk that's not worth taking. especially if you're 19.
  18. #18 ReallyRed, Aug 12, 2011
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    not sure what you're expecting us to help with since we don't know what you DO have access to...

    but hey, i'll bite.

    no fruit, no pop-cans... what about a pringles can? the ones with the metal bottoms? take a hammer or something, bang a little bowl kinda deal, pop some holes in it and poke a small hole on the side (and put the lid on of course or just hold it flush with your palm.) can be tricky to smoke out of though if the divot isn't deep enough.

    hell, anything metal like an old soup can could do the trick if you have access to something to poke holes in it and smack a divot to turn into a bowl will do.

    also, do you have any large-ish chunk of bread like a bun or a baguette? something tough like that can make a pipe. won't be the best, but it'll do the trick.

    or, what about the stove? is it electric? use the coil to burn the bud and suck up the smoke with something like a paper tube or a straw or even a pen-tube.

    or, worse comes to worse, if you can find a chunk of clay (not modeling clay, the real stuff) you could form a kinda pipe or a chillum... you don't have to have it fired to have it work, just, not wet.

    ... and last but not least... have a knife? get some wood and start whittling. you don't need to make a "tube" when you can cut a trough for the smoke to come through and cover it with some tape... and if you have that and clay, make the bowl from clay.
  19. ^^^ and i thought i was resourceful. damn.
  20. It's Jamaica you're bound to find something to smoke out of, find a fruit dawg...and do not try to smuggle weed from Jamaica. You'll get screwed.

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