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Help a fellow blade out!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NotAHumanBeing, May 4, 2011.

  1. Hey city I am writing a persuasive speech on the Legalization of Marijuana in the US. Do you guys or girls have any suggestions on things to put in my speech? Any thing would help thanks guys.
  2. Tell them to wake the fuck up?
  3. im also going to be taking notes . im interested .

    OP: Tell them about hemp too . and the medicinal values of marijuana .
  4. Strap a bong on a silver motorcycle helmet and rig it to milk right in front of the class. They'll never forget you.
  5. Stay away from opinion.

    Give facts and cite sources (Watch "The Union: The Business Behind Getting High)
    - maybe even show a short clip from it

    Also be sure to acknowledge the opposing side and that everyone has their own views.. just say it's like drinking (which alcohol IS a drug - and a proven dangerous one at that).. it's not for everyone, but you shouldn't deny someone else the right to.

    Good luck!
  6. [ame=]YouTube - The Union - The Business Behind Getting High | Full Movie[/ame]
  7. Yeah I just wrote one on legalization for my Eng 102 class.

    Stick with facts and try your hardest not to input opinions. I know that's pretty hard with something your passionate about.

    Compare to Cigarettes and Alcohol. Medicinal uses make for good arguments also.
  8. Another point I put in my essay was how ridiculous it is that Marijuana is a Schedule 1 narcotic, the same as Heroin. I mean come on, that's just absurd.

    Also The revenue generated is a big selling point.
  9. Wait, wait - you'll be talking to a class. Doing a small documentation.
    I say keep it light and digestible.
    Some simple like say:
    These are some of the messages that were used to justify the strong law that surrounds mj - show some of the hilarious scare tactics they used. That or check it out yourself for notes.
    Then bring it to modern studies the deny all of that. Chuck in a few funny videos or facts ('in six thousand years of recorded history, there has never been a death directly attributed from cannabis.').
    Close with modern legalisation cases in funny clips or court excerpts.

    Bamn, assignment.

    Shool's out.

    (anyone reading this can teach me grammar if they want.)

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