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  1. Hey guys, I live in midwestern Canada (Edmonton, AB, to be exact) and out here people have never even heard of quality glass names like sg, illi, roor, toro, ect, much less individual artists like salt and fro and whatnot. Anyway it sucks because every headshop in my city carries little more than china glass, hookahs and acrylics. Its hard enough to even find a unique GonG bowl for my current bong. I guess my question is does anyone know of any good (high end picture thread worthy) glass blowers out here?
    Im guessing West coast like Vancouver maybe but if someone knows where to get that sorta stuff here in Alberta thats even sicker! Im not too keen about ordering online but its looking as though i have no other option besides maybe a roadtrip out southwest :cool::rolleyes:
  2. Yeah dude just suck it up and order online, companies like ALT and GC are making it easier and more affordable than ever, and it wont disappoint :D
  3. online is where its at dude, and yes there are picture worthy canadian artists.... check my sig lol. I live where its nothin but china glass and i have expanded past nicer glass than my shops even dream of
  4. i would check out boromarket. it's a buy/sell/trade site that is heavily moderated and safe. perfect for getting good deals on glass.
  5. If you go to bubonic chronic they got some sick gear peices and some roor items like diffuesed downstems and stuff

    There is a place in londondarry mall called smoking news and they are selling 2 gear frosted perc bongs, one with a big frosted skull in/ as the tube, and the other a tall ass gear with either a dome or tree perc

    100$ fro the skull Gear bong
    And like 110-130 for the tall ass one

    They also have no name frosted double dome perc bongs for 38.99$ i plan on gettin one soon :)
  6. im in the same boat you just gotta go with online. just a pain cuz shipping is always so long but whatever
  7. Yeah man, no high end big name glass to be found in this city. GEAR would be your best bet if you want to buy from a local headshop. They have it at Jewpiter Grass, but they overprice the fuck out of everything. Just watch out, some places here sell fake glass (and fake papers:confused:).
  8. Now come on guys, we are recommending dome percs and gear pieces? We really sound like stupid fucking canadians now, pull your heads out your asses and stop recommending local junk, have we not been over this countless times

  9. fuck my old post... what the fuck was i smoking bacck then?!

    theres a place called chads workshop in sherwood park, he is a glass blower with what i hear are reasonable prices

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