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  1. I live in the midwest. Ive saved up bout 15-20 beans all from solid pickups ( even though some kid told me it doesn't matter what strain they came from, schwag, mids, dank?) This will be my first grow and I'd love some advice. I'm kinda a tard but I needa learn sometime. Snow is all gone n weather is at 60ish high/40 for the low. Is it too early too plant? Would they get cold maybe? I wanna finish by September at the latest. Fox farm seems to be the choice for nutes but I know nothing about feeding, flushing, etc. I can read up. Only thing I'm really worried about is what to use for soil. I know watering is pretty simple, would it be better to use grow bags, buckets, smart pots? When the time comes to move them to a bigger home that is. Jus remember I'm super lazy but I'd be willing to care for them day n night lol one last q while I'm still here. Guess I'll get 10 or so seeds germinated. Would it be best to have all in the same plot or maybe split them up half n half? sorry for the rant. Love GC n any n all help is appreciated! dueces
  2. Looks like you need to read some grow guides. Should be ok to plant outside now at those temps, as for the soil I normally use potting compost with about 10% sand and 10% perlite. Don't feed at all for the first month or two, then use a high nitrogen fertiliser every 2 weeks (not too strong or you'll burn the plants) until they start flowering. At this point use a high potassium fertiliser, tomato plant food gets the job done cheap.
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    too many dark hours to plant outdoors yet

    your plants will flower B4 summer.

    start indoors, then move outside mid-May to mid-June.

    split em up . so if one plot gets ripped/busted you still have buds.

    easiest way to maintain a plant is in the ground ..not in pots. just this takes a bit more work upfront.

    most important of all, you need to read ALL of the stickies..both in this section and the Absolute Beginners section.
  4. the outdoor grow guide sticky literally taught me everything i needed to know for my last grow. were having the same weather here in the northeast and ive got a couple sprouts chillin out under the rays right now but i bring 'em in at night and put them under CFL's. good look with your grow bro.
  5. I'm not a noob to GC just to growing! Thanks though I forgot about the guides n yes stickys always seem to have the best info. I'd love to just grow indoors but I'm still with the rents and they'd have my tail. I think it'd be a smart idea to do 3 max in one plot. Don't wanna be running around much but always don't want the choppers zeroing in on my grow lol thanks boys
  6. Yeah if you can find a few places at least that way if one gets found you still have others.

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