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Discussion in 'General' started by Mushroomsyo, May 14, 2012.

  1. Once again, hello Grasscity! I was hopin you guys could help a fellow blade out. The thing is, I need some money. Not too much, just something to do to make like 100 bucks a moth. Any ideas? And please don't tell me to get a job, I don't need that much money! I was thinkin about mowing lawns, yet I just don't know how to ask people! So blades, what do you guys do for cash? And if you mow lawns, have you got any tips for me as far as finding customers and such?

    Thanks in advance guys, peace out
  2. go on facebook and post pictures/prices of stuff you want to sell. ive done this a few times and it has worked nicely, plus then you will know who you are selling to and wont be worried about getting robbed/gangraped
  3. I have a job
    like an adult
    if you are 18 or older then how do you not need that much money?
    I can't imagine any adult not needing a steady income.
  4. Yeah, look for people with shitty lawns, and old people.
  5. Getting a job ain't that bad..

    I'm posting from work right now with a paid lunch sitting in front of me.
  6. Adults have jobs.
  7. Thanks for the ideas guys, I think I'll post some stuff on facebook. Also, if I were to approach somebody about mowing their lawn, do I go and knock on their door and offer?

    And btw, please dont accuse me of being under 18. I am 18, end of story
  8. ok...a lazy little kid that doesn't want a job wants to scheme for $100...ok...

    1. find a vacant street corner
    2. dress like a french hooker
    3. ????
    4. profit

    there ya go skippy, have fun with the $100...:p

  9. yeah that's how you would do it
    how do you expect to live off of 100$ a month? do you live with your parents? are you planning on leaving anytime soon? because you're going to need a job to do that.
  10. Well, you could donate plasma, in my area it is $50 a week. So long as you are really 18, they take pretty much anybody over 110lbs.
  11. "I dont need that much money!" This made me laugh.

  12. Drug users can't donate fluids.
  13. [quote name='"Wrong Guy Man"']

    Drug users can't donate fluids.[/quote]

    Bull, I donate every week, they don't test for cannabis when donating plasma
  14. my leg is itchy

  15. Must be just for donating blood..

    Maybe THC doesn't store in the plasma so it doesn't matter..

  16. [quote name='"Wrong Guy Man"']

    Must be just for donating blood..

    Maybe THC doesn't store in the plasma so it doesn't matter..


    Even donating blood here they don't care. Before I started donating plasma I would donate blood and platelets at the red cross. Only fluid they DT you for that I am aware of is sperm. Because supposedly pot makes it deformed or something.
    Which is bull because I came in my girl the first time in 4 years since my son was born and she's pregnant again...

  17. Umm mowing lawns would qualify as a job.
    If you don't want a job, you don't want money.

    I guess if you don't need 'that much money' then you plan on mooching off people forever?
  18. And thc is fat soluble, last I checked far doesn't just float around in your blood, unless you have high cholesterol.

  19. You can also try doing some scrapping, picking up scrap metal/junk and taking it to the junk. If you have a car and a trunk that's all you need. Might not get you a hundred bucks a month, but it'll get you some money.
  20. You could always suck some dick for a couple bucks.

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