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  1. Hi, i'm trying to grow some mid range strains in my new setup which has a full spectrum light, and great watering / timers etc... What kind of light do my seeds need while germinating, then initial growth, etc etc? I use a ph balancer tablet slash nutrient tablet... i'm trying to grow a small growing strain... any suggestions for a totally new beginner? Thanks so much everyone. Peace.
  2. I'm going to have to tell you the truth about how you will get answered.. People are going to tell you that you have done no research... You are jumping in and not knowing... So you will make a lot of mistakes.. You need to purchase a general marijuana grow book or search through the threads on this site about growing... Read as much information as you can... Plus you posted this in the Advanced growing techniques... You need to back up a hundred miles and stay in the beginer growers forum for a while and pick up some Ideas... Okay no more of everybody elses crap

    What kind of full spectrum light did you get??? A florescent??? an incendesent light bulb like the ones in a house????(regular looking bulb)???

    what do you mean great watering?? that dosent mean anything unless you have a reverse osmosis system by chance.....????

    Ph balancer by tablet form... Dont use this. You are growing in soil surely.. and will never, stress ph.. if you have a salt build up by chance or an over fertilization you could always flush(bath tub running watter till goes out the bottom of your plants pot for a few mins...)..

    You need to read as much as you can in say a good book I think there are some too download on this forum or a thread Grandpa s something on the beginers page that will help..

    I will be back on this page to answer all your questions after you answer the ones i had... Please also personal message me for any additional information I can help you with.
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    I'm not sure of the kind of light bulbs that the system uses. To be honest... I purchased this Aerogrow system ( or ( and you can grow herbs and fruiting plants in it.. it has different light/dark settings/manual override light timer... it's ideal for hydrid or small strains or whatever you're growing... especially fruiting plants... so far as the watering being great.. the water runs along the top of the cover to drain directly on each planted sponge kit... (with the seeds enlosed) what can i use to replace nutrient tablets that i can get my hands on pretty easily?
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    Sorry to be the first to tell you this, but you wasted your money, if you had done about 2 minutes of research(reading stickies), this would have tipped you off...
    This quote was regarding the hourly electricity used... A good grow using CFL lights uses almost double that amount, at least.... In addition to that, you would have also known that the nutrient tablets haven't been designed for pot and probably wouldn't give you the greatest results..... And last but not least, you'd know that seeds germinate in complete darkness.

    For someone new to growing, I recommend hydroponics, I've had much better luck in my hydro grows than my soil ones... But you'll need a good Ph and PPM meter... I'd also recommend Advanced Nutrients, their easy to mix and follow and give outstanding results, plus their specifically engineered for pot... As for a hydroponic kit, I recommend one of the the ones at As for a strain... Since you're going for mids and it's supposed to be ultra easy for beginners), try Lowryder 2.... I haven't tried it, but I've seen good things.

    If you're looking to grow pot, go do some research first as Phish said... Get all the background information on lighting, air flow, basic hydro method and just basic marijuana knowledge... Then, follow up with my suggestion and you'll get great results

    Growing pot is all about patience, knowledge and observation... Which is why I try to deal with my plants only when I'm stoned because smoking pot gives you all these characteristics.
  5. I have seen those gardens and thought ha I should get that for my mom so she can grow a "low ryder" strain on her counter.... I am sure it would work and you would yeild about an eighth of and ounce but if you can return it... You have a lot of joyful reading ahead of you.. I didn't get a lot of the terms the first while..(please pm me with simple questions...) but you need to take the effort to practically reading a three hundred page grow book before you are worth the time.. so do yourself the favor and read the free information that is everywhere..

    Also that garden is for little herbs.. Cannabis is a generally larger plant that needs tons of light and lots of room... I recommend maybe a small cabinet grow with a 250 watt high pressure sodium. for all of growth..

    Please notice that with the right knowledge. . this does not have to be an expensive hobby
  6. heh luckily the system was practically free, i just paid the shipping... i'm going to try to work with it to just experiment.. i really appreciate everyone's help... and i will probably continue to need it. i will do my best to read up on everything.. i will try those nutrients out for sure... This is the advanced model of the Aerogarden with increased lamp height and three tri-tube bulbs. I'm hoping this works out with a mini strain like you guys mentioned..
  7. just spend the extra money and get a HPS kit. Should come with the whole sha-bang (light,ballast,reflector,etc.). search on ebay for it, i found one about 2 months ago that was a really good deal-- 150 watt HPS with everything included for $125 shipped. cant beat that, especially with the nice buds that HPS's bring.

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