HELP!! 7 weeks in, just put in a new light

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  1. Alright, these are two random bag seeds about 7 weeks old and about 2 and a half weeks into flowering. One is in the Scrog method and the other I just let grow freely. They've both been topped and I today I just threw in a new 200w cfl. My problem is, idk if I should keep growing these or should I just rip them out and start on some auto flower seeds I have? The one in Scrog is showing white hairs but theres only like, 2. Here are the pictures.






    Those are my nutes^^
  2. the ladies are looking pretty good to just throw em out, but i dont know the details of your situation. entering week two, they should be finishing up the stretch in preparation for setting flowers. they will probably nug up soon.
  3. I just really want to start these other ones since these were grown kinda noobish. I think I'll just wait it out and see what happens. Hopefully something good
  4. Does anyone think my plants are healthy, and good looking?
  5. If you have the space why not maybe you could just go ahead and start those other beans and leave the ones you have going right now in there is well
  6. I would love to do that. But the thing is, these are regular bagseeds, under 12/12 and the next ones I'm starting are autoflower biodiesel mass which would be under 18/6 their whole life.

  7. can the autos start at 12/12, i mean, dont they basically have no veg time as it is, as they flower out of the gate? or do i have the wrong idea of what an auto is? do they need to begin at 18/6 or is it just ideal?
  8. 18/6 is just the best time period for an auto. You can do 24 hours of light too but 18/6 is just better from what I've heard.
  9. Your leaves are all kind of small in my opinion. Maybe you should consider transplanting into that 5 gal bucket that its in?

    After you transplant that, you can use the old containers to start your autos :)

    You can do 12/12 on auto, but that hurts the yield quite a bit from what I've heard (never considered 12/12 on auto tbh).

    You can also top 'em some more and veg for another 60 days until your autos finish?
    Take clones from the confirmed female, start on your autos too; after you veg your clone for 50-60 days, your auto's will finish and you can flower your clones.
    Flower the ones you have now, grow your autos on some cheap cfl's; once the autos are ready for the main light, you put 'em in for 12 hrs, and then take it back out to your cfl's for next 12 hrs, where it's on for first 6, and then dark period on the 1/2 part of the 12 hrs (12 [main] + 6 [cfl] + last 6 dark)
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    Plants look kinda small, but healthy.

    I would suggest waiting to start your auto seeds, learn as much as you can from this grow.
    And you don't want to run them on 12/12 they will take FOREVER! I had an auto take longer to finish budding in 12/12 then 18/6. I run autos on 18/6 usually, I would probably run them 20/4 though from what I've been reading lately.

    When you do run your autos, start them right in finishing pots, don't transplant them at all.
    Use a large pot, I would suggest 5gal or larger.
    Transplanting an auto can really stunt them and cause problems.

    What's your light setup?

    Edit: so if the 200w is new, what was your old lighting?
    What kind of autos do you have?
    And how far away is your light? You can get it pretty close since they don't put off much heat, especially if you have a fan going.
  11. My old lighting was 3 23w CFLs and a 14w LED on the taller one. I already know how to grow autos and the strain is "Auto Biodeisel Mass" I have 3 of them. I also have another feminised seed and two regulars. I forgot the strain though. I think I'll start them off at 20/4 and finish them off 18/6? Or should I just stick with one all the through? I also need some advice on soil for my next grow.. I was thinking either Fox Farm Ocean Forest or 50/50 coco and perilite. & one last thing, recomended nutes for my next auto? I want to grow them 1 at a time in a 3.95 gal bucket, cos that's all I have. I'll buy any nutrient online, that's best for an auto
  12. That's just too confusing. I want to concentrate on one plant at a time. & I've never took a clone and grew it before.

    I plan on topping my autos as much as I can and maybe LST
  13. I would stick with 20/4 the whole time, cutting the light back will just make them take longer.
    I use ffof and love it. Not really sure if they have nutes that are really specific to autos.
    You top autos?! Hmmm....
  14. I'm using a 200w dual spectrum cfl. Is that okay for flowering or should I drop two 27w 2700k CFLs on the side?
  15. I say why waste the plants ... you have already put all that time into them just finish them out. you never know ....
  16. I already decided that. I'll post some pics soon. I think I'm gonna add two more 27w 2700k cfls
  17. The more light the better!
  18. Alright guys, this is about week 9 and they are just showing signs of flowering. One started a week before the other one and here are some pictures!

    Here is the first plant in Scrog






    & here is the second plant, just topped once


  19. They look nice and healthy! cant wait to see some real buds on there.
  20. lookin good krypto. im such a sucker for the light green new growth!

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