help 6 weeks flowering got male flowers what do i do help

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  1. Ladt night at lights out i notices nanners or whatever u call em male staminant flowers and one was open i removed all of them off of the plants carefully removed the plant from the area cleaned it put plant back amyway my question is if i have two sepetate area in same room will the pollen get around the corner in my other area? Can i finish flowering will they be less potent help in freaking out i even took a sample off the plant dehydrated it its good but still to heady what can i do to save the plants will i have tons of seeds am i screwed someone anyone dealt with this help. Sorry for the misspelled words n bad grammer im in a serious rush
  2. Chances r if u had fans goin u most likely got pollen spread but since it seems ur plant hermied on u hermie plants dont produce a lot of pollen ull find seeds but premature seeds cuz I believe it takes 3-4 weeks for speeds to fully mature,just take the plant that hermied put him alone to flower n let Ur plants finish
  3. Ok so u think the dammage has been dun if any and my other area is arond two corners with fans blowing oposite direction do u think they will be impacted they have been in bloom fot a week just starting to flower??? And do u think as long as i keep a very close eye on miss hermie n make sure no other flowers come or open i can leave her im not worried about the two ladies with her if they get seeds cant be bad one is 4 weeks one is 5 weeks im just consearned about my other area witb what pollen has already been released they are 5 feminised black jacks one master kush one bluberry i dont have anywhere else to finish the three that the hermie is included in they have to there
  4. Wen 1 of mine hermied he barely made enough pollen to pollinate himself n a couple nugs here n there on the plants around him not a lot but it Probly b best to cut him dwn or if u can I just put two cfls up n let the hermied finish flowering in my closet,n I wouldn't risk leaving him up were fans r running
  5. They are vefy stinky n triched out rather let em rippen n enjoy seems a waste will yhey lose potency or continue to rippen and mature this is my first real grow well blooming stage i had seven males from bag outa ten seeds that was a nightmare taught me alot also im using full line of roots organics nutes superthrive magic sea seeweed and blackstrap all rev osmosis water ph seems to stay at 6.8-7 plants seem to grow fast green healthy no probs start with 1/4 strength them 1/2 so far no probs and absolutely no liggt leaks at night using 2 250 mh with sgro gold bulbs 1 250 watt hps 1 150 watt hps 2 twofoot t5 4 bulb fixtures and two t5 4ft suplementals u think enough lumens?? Milar everything
  6. If i cant if im so meticulous make sure no flowers develope or put up a curtain see my area is a bathroom i removed toilet it has walk in shower right by door n thats where hermie is and u walk four feet in and around the corner thats where other area is and never seen flowers til yesterday always lookin at my babies so they came in dark cycle which i run no fans and as soon as lights on i was in there seen em took plant out of room and removed the male flower do u think pollen is gonna still get around like if sum came out and on the bud i dunno im jus frakin thanks for barring with me i think i can prevent new pollen and old should have already dun its dammage what about QUALITY WILL I STILL GET NICE RIPE STINKIES???
  7. you are risking it cos dude pollin can travel miles it sticks to you and you pass it around you need to find out why she turned hermie on you i wouldnt wont no pollin sacks in my garden them pistols are screaming out for some pollin and will find away to get it they can do them selfs so you work it out throw it all in bin pickin seed out off bud not good sensimella man no hermi or male good luck hermie boy
  8. Well its official almost all of the advice i've gotten from people like you is wrong. Does everyone make stuff up to sound intelligent??? Hermies didnt do shit to nuthin but themselves and still only a couple seeds on the whole plant... also im now getting 5 oz dry per plant 600 watt hps and to the guys who wouldnt help me or give me legit advice last year when i started my gardens im better than you i kno more than you i have had. Only 10 grows every one of them better n bigger than the last no co2 jus dwc and monster croppin nobody can hold a candle to monster cropping im pulling 1/4 to 1/2 pound per and seriously dense and ive seen lesss icing on a cake i dont need advice from idiots who have nuthing better to do than fuck up peoples hard work an dedication thats for not keeping it green jerks someone sjhow me how to delete my account this site is redundant and frivolous good day ey
  9. WOW! Calm down, take another toke. Your gonna blow a head gasket..........:mad: :smoke:

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