HELP 6 PAck of Fem seeds all HERMIE so far

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by soundscience4.0, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. hey guys i have a possibly newbie question but here goes. I got a 6 pack of Lemon Og from DNA Genetics I vegged them along some Reserva Privada Headband and Og#18 for about 45 days . (prolly 2 weeks too much) Got all the seeds from the tude so figured they would be fresh. So I split up the strains into differnent tents. In one tent (flowered for 2 weeks) all the reserva privadas Headbands hermied and all the Dna genetics Lemog og hermied aswell, and possibly an og #18. I was thinking it had to be a light leak even though I doubt but it could of been . But in the other tent by 2 week flower) I also had one lemon og dna hermie on me. NO light leak what so ever in the other tent. All the other strains that were not Reserva or DNA seem fine. Could it be that the strains are unstable. I have read awesome stuff about both breeders but lately I have heard of hermie issues.
    Any info would be help, maybe I did something wrong. trimmed the plants to much, possible light leak? Just dont know why only those strains hermied. The other 4 seem fine.

    Headband and og#18 were both the UFO Freebies ones maybe thats a reason
  2. Man that really suck. I just took my rp headband and og18 into flower 6 days ago. sure hope the smae doesnt happen to me. so far, so good. i'd suspect a light leak od some sort. or you stressed the crap out of it trimming. either one is easy to do if youre not careful. sorry man... im a little worried now too:(

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