help 4000k qb will bloom?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by memillero, Jun 30, 2019.

  1. my question is if 4000k qb can be use for seed to harvest, There is some way that it can be used to bloom, maybe adding some red light to it when it is blooming season. and that give good result high quality medical cannabis. already save for a qb.
  2. Yes it can be used for the full cycle
  3. It can but a 3k or 3.5k will probably be better for seed to harvest grow.
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  4. what is better 4000k with adding red light when flower begins, or 3000k with some blue light for veg only
  5. 3500 K
    Best of both worlds if you want both red and blue spectrum.
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  6. It actually turns out great with 4k start to finish, nothing to worry about. When the qb120 first came out it was only in 4k and 5k. It took a few months for 3k to come out.

    I was thinking that 3k being available would really boost it's bloom potential for DIY but it didn't so much. I've seen the best micro grow results with 4k lights. 4oz's from a single qb120 board in 4k.

    I do like 3500k if you can get it. Most of my lights are 3500k. No problem with 4k though. It will give you shorter plants, tighter nodes, and denser buds then 3k. Supposedly at the expense of a slight amount of growth rate but that seems to be pretty minimal.

    If you have a lot of headroom to work with some people like vegging with the 3k because you end up with a more open plant for light penetration and air circulation then a really dense plant.

    The actual differences in how the plants turn out comparing 3k to 4k is pretty minimal with led. It's not crazy different. I've ran both boards.
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  7. Sure, it can be used from seedling to flower. But you will need more red led during flowering.
    That will make the plants feel more happier.
    Many LED suppliers would use more 3500K and less 6500K. So i think 4000K is relatively good.

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