Help 4 y/o Brain Cancer patient- donate canabis oil

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  1. Please read the rest of the article, this little boy needs help from anyone who can donate.

    Desperate Plea for Cannabis Oil Donations for Four-Year-Old Brain Cancer Victim Cash Hyde - The Daily Chronic | The Daily Chronic
  2. Omg, this world is so fucked up. 4 year olds with brain cancer? We shouldn't even know what the word cancer means. This is fucking disgusting. I hate the world. :(
  3. I agree, a 4 year old should know blocks, crayons, bob the builder and teddy bears. Not pain and suffering and chemo and people taking away your pain relief.
  4. So sad, fucking feds.
  5. i wish it was one of their kids fu**ing aholes
  6. Ah shit. Thats what we get with the new technoligy, that radioactive shit that we do, we try to fix everything. Playing with mother nature. I see more and more of this, and it scares me. The future scares me!

    I wish i could help, but thats just sad. Her life can be ruined forever, even if she manages to heal from the cancer there can be major issues for the toddler when he grows up. Fucking feds can eat a big dick.
  7. Sad isn't even the word. It's fucked up. Government shall reap what they sow, so in the future, they can't complain about anything that doesn't go with their agenda.
  8. soon, government, soon.
  9. the entire situation is extremely sad.

    if i were his parents i'd move somewhere else, childs life is more important than anything else
  10. Why would you wish brain cancer on an innocent kid? It is not their fault what ever their parents may do.
  11. ^^^^ why? cause in this society in this country people w power do whatever they wanna do.....they are selfish and do not see others perspectives.....this poor innocent kid has this disease and it was dormant if i recall and since they banned them where he is from it came back.... BULLSHIT this can be avoided but since this is a regular US citizen's kid they dont really care....... to answer your question thats why
  12. This is very confusing, I'm trying to figure out what you are saying. Ok, medical marijuana is illegal. That's the first thing you need to realize. These states are choosing to go against the federal gov't and the feds go right back against them. It's not that they do whatever they want, it's that they are enforcing the law, as the law is, currently. Just because these are legal state wide, does not change the fact it is illegal federally, which is something a lot of people need to understand.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm all for medical users, my cousin, uncle, and mother all use medical. I don't understand, however, how someone that works at a federal level that is doing their jobs, deserves to have their kid(s) diagnosed with a more than likely fatal disease. One is bad enough, there is already enough pain and suffering, why would you want more? Because someone is not getting their illegal treatment and the people that enforce the law should have their innocent children feel the same pain? What did their kid do? I agree 1000% it should be legal, but it remains illegal at the moment.
    "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind."
  13. They should move to a medical state
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    Hey there's not much to say here. It's a cruel life, but live it! I still remember the day my uncle got diagnosed with a brain tumor. It was probably the only day I remember seeing my father cry..??

    Uncle Ron was diagnosed with six months to live. He gave the world another decade, in all respects kicked the shit out of his cancer and never let the disease get the best of him. I hope this boy see's 14 but the percentages are 99% against him.

    [ame=]Three Days Grace - World So Cold - YouTube[/ame]

  15. You still aren't getting to the point about why you chose the innocent child. Don't ever wish something that horrible on an innocent soul. They don't deserve it. Imagine if you told a kid, "I hope you get cancer". They might not think anything of it, they might think you're a dick. But imagine if that child got cancer shortly after you told them that. It would completely crush it's world, and it would know what to do. Hell, anyone with cancer probably doesn't know what to do. It's not like a influenza you get, where you go to the doctor, and you're good after about 2 weeks. This is a life struggle you are wishing upon a child, all because you are mad you can't smoke. It's sad really.
  16. Not really sure why age is relative, but its sad regardless.

  17. Yeah, atleast get a little appartment for a while or so..
  18. That's good in theory, but that would also mean changing the kid's entire medical team, which is hard to do when they've built relationships with them.
  19. ....i work on the medical field rather not say what i do for privacy but i know what you guys mean i see a lot of stuff everyday, if you saw what i saw you'll know exactly what i mean..i am not rich or poor .... but this gap is getting way too big and the people w the power are slowly ruining this country
  20. A local dispensary here in town is advertising Cash Hyde's story and from what I hear they donated a bit of oil. It's a very sad story.

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