HELP! 3 weeks in and looks like a seedling! (look at pics)

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    hey guys i have a three week old plant that has not grown very much at all.. i look at some of the plants on this site that are of the same age and mine is no where near the size.. take a look at the pics and any help would be much appreciated, thanks! also the soil i have started it in is just top soil.. it worked for me last year but is it not good to start plants in?

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    are you watering it too much man???

    EDIT: This is mine at like day 6-7 im not keeping track its just for fun till my legit set up is a go. but yea.

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    i don't think so.. once every three days or so, or whenever the soil feels dry, and looking at your pic it looks like they're both at the same stage in growth..
  4. yea, i put a pic in that other post now hahaha, are you using the sun or lights or what?
  5. sun, the spot i have it in is actually a great clearing and it gets plenty of sunlight throughout the day.. this is my second year growing and i used the same spot last year with no light issues.
  6. lol yea i dunno man...maybe it was the seeds in general, something coulda gone downhill at i have this shit in my closet, under 1 regular florescent tube and 2 lamps with 2 unknown general twist CFL's...not intended for growing or anything and mines just exploding.... turned that nice green, leaves are fanning out super fast, its growing super fast..... lol maybe i got beginners luck and you got unlucky this time, who knows lol
  7. yeah i hope uncle mailed me these seeds from BC so you have no idea how pumped i have been for this strain, i dunno if you look there's also a curve in the stem that doesn't seem normal.
  8. by the way the stem looks it appears you mite have pointed the the seed the wrong way, it looks like it had to kinda of curve from the bottom to the top.
    3 weeks in it should be huge, that seedling you have, ive gotten a bigger sprout in 1 day after putting the germinated seed into the soil. i would just try again bro, if anything you should consider some seed banks, or if you know anyone that can get you some clippings off there mother plant?
  9. yeah i know, i was hoping the curve would straighten itself out
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    must be a bad seed.. that soil doesn't look great either. i'd just start again.

    also, don't put them in direct sunlight until the first 2 leaves are about 1" long. just germinate them, plant them root pointed down into moist soil and put them somewhere warm, but not in direct sunlight.
  11. U must have put it in direct sunlight after it sprouted.
  12. Your growing medium and pH is most likely the problem.
    Try hitting up the local Lowes/Depot and pick up a bag of each of the following: Peat moss, Peat hummus, Vermiculite, Perlite, sand, dolomite lime, and small aquarium gravel. Mix this all together how you please, try to get an even mix of everything. This won't be as expensive as it sounds, and im some Lowes locations, they have small bags of mix like this premade. For the dolomite lime, use 2 Tbps per galon, make sure you have garden lime and not lawn lime.

    Also get a pH tester when you're there if you don't have one - most important thing.

    Sorry if my wording is kinda sketch, I'm pretty ripped
    good luck
  13. yeah man thanks for the heads up i'm going to have to get that if i want these to survive.. you wouldnt believe the bud you get off of this strain.

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