Help! 1st timer with a Problem

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Mr DudeMan, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Hey, I just got a couple clones from a friend I put them in my tent under a 400w hps and after about 15 minutes they start to wilt. I think it's a venting problem, but I have a fan, and a hole in the top about 3 square inches anyone help with this?
  2. Bump I don't want to leave them in the cold.
  3. Put them under t5 or cfl lamps for a few days. Let the clones adjust. The heat from HPS is too much for them to handle.
  4. May have been wrong to call them clones, Cuz I think they might be from seed actually, they are well rooted and looks like grown from the bottom, they have very thin stems, and about 4 leaves about 4 inches though.
  5. HPS is for the flowering stage. Get some cfls to veg them under. If they are small enough to put back into a dome, they will probably bounce back throghout the night. Good Luck!
  6. The bounced back in 10 mins in a normal room, I don't have any cfls, it's a dual spectrum hps, I thought it could be used for both?
  7. of course it can. I like to preserve my flowering bulb by using a separate light for vegging. The hps are only really bright for the first few months, after wards they get slightly duller. Having the light on 18/6 instead of 12/12 will dull out faster. I use pulse start 3k lamp because it stays brighter for longer.
  8. by the way dude is that your dog? hilarious.
  9. No, just a funny pic I found and pissed myself, I like dogs too though.

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