Help 11 weeks into flowering

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  1. so im 11 weeks into flowering and i dont know what this plant is doing. She is starting to lose leaves but doesnt look anywhere closw to harvest. Any help is appreciated


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  2. Did you scope her yet.

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    You running what light schedule

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    What are your growing conditions?
  4. she is growing inside hydroponic system. Dwc. Has 1000w hps light on her. Has fox farm trio nutes. Did i miss anything? Doesnt seem to have really buds. Just those long pistols everywhere so i didnt scope it.
  5. Have any light leaks or interuptions maybe a dipswitch on timer is knocker on,
    Also on a true 12/12 sxhedule of off and on. i see seedlings up top thats why I ask
  6. no its on a true 12/12 i take the seedlongs out at lights off and they get natutal sun be4 the light comes on. No light leaks. My other plant had no issues. Just checked the timer and no issues there either. She did have a 24 hour darkness interuption to her schedule but no extra light

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