Help 10th week AF critical purple and tangerine dream when to flush and harvest

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Vanryker, Jun 17, 2019.

  1. A99C0B29-9C3B-4FAC-8B98-F8FFFD7A104E.jpeg CA279C19-D578-4D10-BC87-9BFD782EABC9.jpeg 793DF26D-077E-4F5D-A8AF-678B0A7BEDEF.jpeg 0F87B016-089B-4AF4-A7BF-AF702568FEC4.jpeg 5B769C09-4828-4EE3-A5B7-DF382D773FE8.jpeg 3BD39585-3FD4-44C6-95A0-7883679A78D4.jpeg Newbie used dog cage to keep cats from eating it all please don’t laugh at my setup as they grew I had to keep moving lights higher lol
    My concern is AF 10th week when do I start flush been on 24/7 lights with fan and by French doors to get afternoon sun.
    I have no idea even after reading tons of articles when to flush, how to flush and when to harvest.
    Thank you all so much I’m so excited
  2. 1E330244-96C7-4B3B-8532-86DE91C38EE1.jpeg Newbie set up by French doors for afternoon sun lol
  3. Are these ready to harvest been 10 weeks help how to flush and when
  4. I think you got a little while longer lotta white pistils and most the trich just look cloudy to my shitty eyes maybe someone else will come along and give there opinion

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