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  1. hey im having problems with my plants, ithink its from lack of nutrients. I transfered it into a hempy bucket no nutes just water 3-1 ratio of perlite to vermac*watever*...leaves are startin to welt up or whatever...could it be from lack of nutrients? and if so what can i use around the house tht will solve this problem temporarily until i can get some real nutes[​IMG]

  2. Your seedling really dosent need nutrients at all at this point, maybe the smallest amount but it is in the soil anyways. What did you fert with in the first place??? Those seedlings stretched at some point reaching for light... Im guessing someone told you to put the cfl's closer.. but they are too close you are burning your plant.. I know people say you can put flouros right on the seedlings but that is a four foot tube... the cfls burn a little hotter you need about 5-6 inches from top at least for now... not lookin good but do not fert again now... or over water because its not lookin for water from the pic just burnin a bit Light and nutes i think
  3. You burnt it up with nutes already. It doesn't need any nutes until the cotyledons start to yellow.

    It is also way too stretched out from weak or inadequate light.

    To be blunt, those CFL bulbs are not even worth growing MJ with. The buds, (if it even buds), will be so loose & airy it will be a waste of time.

    If people are gonna do something least make it worth the risk & use proper lighting.
  4. Your not flowering so those lights are just fine. In fact Im running a 400 watter and if it was just a few cfls in my go at this point I would be fine... I have seen and had great results with flouros all the way throug. and nobody is saying you wont upgrade your light later on so don't be discouraged.. Now I do think it is the end for that seedling.. if you have more beens then your like a week behind. who cares start again... No nutrients this time though.. its not even a plant yet.. just a twig.. so it cant handle really anything.. just water light and air.. for another week IMO

    Just so everyone knows cfls are not a waste at this point in the grow in fact most everything else is almost this point.. Now I will not flower personally with anything less than a 400w hps

    In all reality and please god dont take offense because I have been there. But your pictures kinda make me think you do have a very ghetto almost unsafe and badly wired setup. I agree with canabismaximus.. it is not worth going to the effort whether legal or not.. but the grow itself, With out making a few correct purchases... Now I built IMO one of the most top of the line small grows for about the price of an ounce and plan to get a hundred lbs off it eventually.. (check my link down)

    Now the next big issue is that you havent done your research before you started so you will be playing catch up.. Go to a barnes and noble or something and spend 10-20$ on a marijuana grow guide..It will make all the difference

    Please take my suggestions and blunt assumptions as complete offerings and nothing less
  5. That poor guys isn't looking too great at all. I would first bury that long ass stem so that just the leaves and an inch of stem stick out. Then back off those lights just a bit. If you put your hand right above the plant, it shouldn't feel hot, else they're too close.
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    yea I found that out last winter. I had a foot tall BC bigbud plant under cfls and got 1.8 grams off the dumb thing and the top bud was the size of my fist closed around and about 5 inches tall. I was quite disapointed with CFLs after that. It literally looked like I had a halfounce in my jar but it was soooo airy and light. nugs that usually would be the size of a gram would be .1 or .2
  7. hey guy, i started out with sretchy seedlings too, mine were about 4" tall, they told me to start over, i refused, i split a straw, wrapped the stem( it doesnt need light) and stuck it down in the sustrate for stablity, depending on how tall it is now, the seedling may spend its life's energy strengthing the stem instead of saving it for bud production later, but i didnt stop and now, you can see my grow in gen, indoor growing. they are huge and waiting for the others to catch up in sixe and have 2 top colas and not to mention about 8 budding branches that i have had to bend to allow light inside, they are going like crazy, no nut until you have 3 sets of leaves, and yes the others could be right , too many lights. You are burning that poor thing.
    Notto be rude (trying to help thats all- would you want want to be suck in a tanning bed for 20 minutes when you were born.) back off and let the little guy show you hw it feells about it. Keep one light close, not that many though. Good luck bro, ir you need anything we are all here, hope it makes it!:wave:
  8. Has no1 noticed that he said he is using 3 parts perlite to 1 part vermiculite instead of soil?

    This could be a simple overwatering issue or the perlite is too moist and ur getting root root?

    Try transplant them in a organic potting soil mix, something like fox farms or 1 part compost to 1 part perlite.


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