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  1. So in the last week just one of my plants has been acting weird. At first its bottom fna leaves turned yellow and died. I just dismissed it as a natural course of action. The next day i noticed the yellowing had progessed up the plant so i thought it was a the plant just getting to much nitrogen so i started watering it with plain water to see if that would help. its been a weak now and the yellowing has moved to the very top of the plant. The new growth is coming in yellow and burned and i do not know what it is please help. I have 2 other plants in the grow room that are doing amazing with no yellowing.



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    some of my observations:

    -the plant's pot looks really small for its size, consider repotting
    -top looks a lot like heat stress
    -bottom looks like you have some deficiencies on the upper leaves and just natural death on the lower leaves

    consider moving your light farther away and also repotting and see if that helps. i've never really seen a healthy plant like yours with just a fraction of the top growth dying, certainly very wierd.

    edit: might be diseased. try flushing and repotting?

  3. thank you your the second person to tell me to try repotting it. Ill try that out and see what happens.

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