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  1. i tried posting this once but i think it failed ☺ ey everyone i am fairly new here and fairly new to growing, i have germinated 6 seeds, they are now about 3-4 inches tall with around 6 leaves which now have 3 fingers, i am going to go a pot size up and put them under a 400w hps light for now until they have matured then they will be joined with another 40w light, is this a good time totransplant my six or do i need more paitence.. i have also just germinated another 4 seeds which are a different strain to join them shortly, different strains in one place is this ok?
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  2. What size pots are they in now?
  3. I'm assuming you're not in flower right now since your plants are still basically seedlings by the size you say they are at this point. HPS lighting is used for the flowering cycle...not for veg. It's a totally different spectrum than what you need to veg under. CFLs work great for veg and they are relatively cheap. However, I will caution you on not overcrowding your light. A 600 watt lamp is only good to cover so many plants and each get what it needs out of the light. The size and density of your buds is directly related to how much good strong flowering light they get during the flower cycle...not the amount of different chemicals you feed them or how big the pot is you flower them off in. Get them under some veg lighting. You're on the right track with the potting. However, the plants only need repotted or potted up a size when the plant itself is wider and taller than the container it's in. This is usually a fairly good indicator that the plant is slightly root bound, which is what you want before you transplant into another pot. Going up a size at a time and confining the root space will get the foliage back to growing faster than if you put tiny seedlings into a huge pot with tons of soil...because it has more soil to form a root system in. While the plant is forming it's root system, the foliage just kind of sits there and waits. Once the plant has rooted in sufficiently, it will start requiring water more frequently and the foliage growth will take off. Repot them each time they outgrow the old container till you get them into the one you want to flower them off in. By doing this, the nute requirements outside of what is naturally in the soil is very low. Nutes should be started when the plant has had a chance to use up what came naturally in the soil. Starting them too soon will only fry your plants. I've discovered over the years that you don't need tons and tons of chemicals to grow nice healthy plants if you use good quality soil to start with. Of course, the nute companies want you to use all you will so you'll have to buy more and more. Personally, I don't enjoy paying $26 a bottle for one component of a nutrient system. I tossed the liquid chemicals altogether and went with a powder nute system, Jack's by J. R. Peters. A grower friend in Southern California turned me onto it after she had been using it for years. I bought some and never looked back. I can buy enough of it to last me well over a year, flowering 25-30 plants every 8 weeks, for less than $20. I was spending WAY more than that when I was buying the liquid nutes. You might want to do some research on the whole nute thing.

    If there are parts of the growing process you're unsure about, go to the new grower threads here on the forum. There are several posts there just for the new grower that contain the basics that you pretty much have to know to do this without maximum stress and frustration. It's not rocket science, but way more complicated than tossing a seed in soil and waiting for the magic to happen. Good luck and happy growing! TWW
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  4. Thats 10 plants under a 400 watt light. Too many plants. What size is the room

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  5. its whilst they young so i dont fry them, in the end there will be 2 400w hps up and one 600w if need be, all help is much appreciated love this site surprised theres no sign up fee!
  6. much appreciated TWW, love it when you advise always clear and correct! ☺
  7. "surprised theres no sign up fee!"

    I'm not sure how we missed this. I will send you a PM with an address to send it to.


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