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Hells Hippie! The Stoner!....(Silent Skit)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HellsHippie, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. I hope you guys are ready to have a little laugh..I put together a skit that describes my time at my grandmas...Lol please let me know what you think...Always gonna rep it for GC and marijuana till the day I die..Much love Fam!!

    [ame=]Hells Hippie The Stoner (EP-1)OFFICIAL - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Not what I expected, possibly better. +rep
  3. :smoking:this is awesome! made me laugh so hard ;D

  4. Thanks man Just tryna bring GC some smiles man...Lifes to short not to laugh at dumb shit :) lol
  5. Thought it was gonna suck but was actually pretty funny
  6. damnn not what I was expecting haha
  7. The hell is this

  8. Lol what was you expecting?
  9. i liked it
  10. I watched it without audio and it was still funny

  11. your missing maybe the dopest jam you have ever heard in your life!! :p lol..much love
  12. Haha clever.

    The music was great
  13. Haha, that was awesome. Keep making short vids, or direct, or something cuz that was definitely entertaining. Lol..

  14. Yea I wanted to try something new....If I had proper equipment I think I could make quite the stoner skits!!..But for now Ima work with what I got and get smiles how ever I can lol
  15. Funny but it makes stoners seem like tweaking coke fiends a lil lol
  16. lmfaoooooo dude, i loved that part where your grandma came out with the rolling pin! at first it seemed like a long introduction to something else but the visuals kept me drawn in. Whoever directed this did a good job at making it look and feel like a vaudeville act, or a charlie Chaplin film. Just like TheOriginalMad said, it was better than I expected.
  17. You have a Badass Grandma!

  18. I did everything lol...Im a huge charlie Chaplin fan..Thats where this idea came from....Theres nothing funnier then some charlie chaplin!..Much love man!
  19. Pure awesomeness
  20. Oh shiiit!...Thanks guys. I went from experienced blade to "has been around the city"..thats pretty coool soundin man!..Thanks for the rep my GC triggaz!

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