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    New to forum and I reside in CT. Anyone one else from the area
    Late 40's male. Guitarist too looking to jam if anyone is interested.

  2. Hell yeah man!! Whereabouts? Im in Stamford.. Also love to jam on guitar lol
  3. Awesome, I am in Monroe..How long you been playing and what kinda tunes are you into?
  4. sick man! I just been playing for a couple years on and off im not hella good but i can play a few scales and mostly improvise alot of shit.. i like alot rock/blues/psychedelic music haha kinda like the Dead and Phish.. im learning that kinda shit on guitar.. Hbu
  5. Lotta 70's rock, Zep, Sabath, UFO Priest Maiden, Rush. I am into the dead and Phish as well. I am a big fan of  moe. Just saw them at the Klein in BPT in September.
  6. Moe's great! I love 70s rock too man especially Zep and Sabbath! We should jam dude im in the monroe area every few weeks!

    Dan the man

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