Helloooo stoners!! :D

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    Hey Everyone!! stories are fun to read!!

    I'm from Guatemala living n this small town called Panajachel! Its amazing living here, the weather's great... the weed's not the best but sometimes My friend's mom gives me good stuff!! I love getting high everyday.. I smoke everywhere I can,,, especially here... not many people mind.. and if they do I just look at them mean... And nothing will happen :D
    Cops are seriously no problem, only sometimes when I'm drunk and walking on my knees... I dont know why, they got mad once!! :)

    Oh well... Panajachel has a nice lake!! its awesome... I see sunsets every afternoon and get baked with my friends :smoke:

    I want to read more stories...

    Peace :D
  2. Welcome! :smoke:

    Sounds like Guatemala is where it's at.
  3. Welcome to the city :wave:

    sounds like your from a pretty cool place. I wanna go to Guatemala one day.
  4. welcome to the city

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