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  1. hello all, long time toker, first time err... forum poster. i live in the beautiful northwest united states (seattle area). i have been spoiled almost all my smoking life with ohh.. big bud, og hydro, skagit county homegrown, all the bc strains (you get the picture). I have grown weed before, but this year... I got 8 young ladies all a bang-on permafrost strain. my yeild is gonna be off the charts. 4 of the girls are over 8 feet tall with like 20 flowering heads. and the 4 "little" sisters are so heavy they are falling over. this forum is great and I've already learned a lot. I'm really looking forward to moving the strain indoor, and trying some of the lst techs, building bubble buckets etc. it's like i'm a schoolboy all over again. anybody got some info on cloning. i got an aerogarden, and it seems that an aerogarden is PERFECT for cloning. Any opinions????

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