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  1. Hey, new here to the post also new here in Austin TX. Just wondering if there is anybody else chillin here also in the Austin area who can tell me the quality of weed and I can expect and if they know a good non-thug, down to earth cannabis seller.

    Thanks for your time.
  2. yeah man...you are MORE than welcome to join the blades and bladies...fo sho...we would most definately accept your humor/knowledge/anything else you have to offer here with arms wide open.....but, this aint a hook up site....

    so whered ya move from?
  3. Whoooooaaaaa, misunderstood. Thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt, I am NOT looking for a hookup. I would NEVER trust hooking up with someone over the interent. Just seeing if there was anyone in the Austin area that could attest to the quality of both the supply and the supplier. Just attest, not actually supply.

    Came here from ten years in Pheonix AZ, the eigth ring of hell, that of course, now that I have left is jvoting to legalize again fotr the third time. Doesn't matter though, they voted, and won, two other times. The feds always step in a say nah.
  4. Hey bro - this forum is pretty cool. Check out the artists corner and hmmm the international news. Good stuff :)
  5. glad to see you didnt get pissed off and run away, or start flaming like most people do...anyway, welcome welcome..

    stay awhile, youll make some friends :smoking:
  6. What Namron and critter said!

  7. i like to make my presence felt :D

    and FUCK do i want to get high!
  8. ^^^^^toking one for the namer.....
  9. hey, anyone, guess what?!

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