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  1. New to grasscity forums, but have been following them for a while now. I live in the ass end of nowhere out here in Washington State. I live on the east side, basically in the suburbs. My towns name is Richland which should give you an idea of what my high school is like. A lot, a lot of upper-middle class people, which means that the bud culture is practically non-existent. People out here consider weed to be a "dangerous and subversive drug". I can count the smokers in my grade on my fingers. Girls hate on smokers, and even drinking is looked down on. So i joined because i want to talk to more people about weed and just be able to carry on a reasonable conversation about weed. So yeah...favorite strain is Fire (from Seattle, it is an actual strain, not just a adjective like kine or bomb). For some reason it is only available July through October, so this summer should rock....hit me up if you have heard of Fire somewhere else. This is the first time joining an online forum ever so please excuse any nube mistakes. God bless and toke every day

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