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  1. Hello my fellow potheads,

    Recently about a year ago one of my best friends got me to come over to his house and smoke reefer with him and two friends in a tent. It was his birthday so I brought him some money (which soon became the first dime bag I ever bought), and he brought his dealer. They proceeded to roll two blunts, and some kid asked me if it was my first time, I answered yes only to be bombarded with jokes. Then the first blunt was sparked and it was passed, and by the time it was finished everyone around me was saying how stoned they where, i was asked the question: "Are you cold?" (it was December 1st) and what i responded with surprised me "Up here, but not down here" about in hour later I stopped laughing and then i swore I would never smoke weed again... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Now I smoke weed everyday and I get along with most pot heads whether you are a gangster, a goth, a metal head, a nerd (yea I have a trek fan I love to smoke with) so whatever your into I can dig it.

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