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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Golem-146, Jun 11, 2003.

  1. "I would just like to report a crime on me, I was walking down the street and I threw my doritos bag on the ground."

    - Me on the phone, Sammy

    - chaa
  2. did you remember to pick them up?????

    were there still chips in there????

    did you pick the bag up?????

    save the chips!!!!!

    save the environment:)
  3. One time I was all stoned riding my friend's bike down main street with a bag of chili-cheese fritos and I had had enough of them, so I rolled up the bag and whipped it into the bushes when I rode by.

    The next day, I got stoned again and went back for them :p
  4. Hahaha! Good idea! I should stash food in various places so that I find it when I'm high.
  5. God damn I was really fucked up last night. Sorry about that!

    - chaa
  6. depends what kind of doritios they were......some worth savin some aren't.....

    spicy ones are dope...

    they're like the fiestyest doritos avalible...

    ...i cant spell....

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