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  1. ....... and where is my damn order ? It was placed 7 days ago & I have heard nothing since, except that you had taken my money, of course. No problems taking my cash but no word on my stuff being sent. I sent a request at your support page but still nothing. This is worst online buying experience I have ever had. I'll also tell you something else for free, the only reason I decided to shop here was because E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E.D.O.E.S.I.T.C.O.M did not have required parts at the time I needed them. And I need them NOW damnit, not in a fucking month or 2 .
    I am a disabled pensioner & I have sent you a lot of money but I'm getting nothing in return, not even a fucking email to say it has been packed, in a fucking week !!! For fuck's sake , get your shit together and send my fucking stuff that I have already paid for....

    Not fucking happy, Jan.....

  2. Here is a quote from grasscity youtube channel :

    Sounds very fucking shady to me....

    Screw you guys , I want my fucking money back !!!
  3. When I order stuff online I try to do my research up front, you know that most of the items are shipped from Amsterdam, right? I ordered once before and it took 3 weeks to get my order, as it had to go thru customs and international shipping. Good least the other guy you quote got his money back...I'm sure they aren't trying to cheat you.
  4. its always shady when you order from over seas doe.
  5. Oh please, I know exactly where they are coming from. They are just useless & have no respect for customers.
  6. Shop and forums aren't connected man.. PM a mod and I'm sure they'll be glad to help you out if you don't act like a douche
  7. I really don't care, I just want my fucking money back now.....

  8. Mods have nothing to do with the shop...they can't help...'ll get an answer faster through shop support than you will acting like an ass here...
  9. Yeah I know but I knew they'd have a link or something to fill out a ticket thing. I was just to lazy to find it myself

  11. I contacted their so-called support page & sent 3 support requests over a week ago. But of course, I still have heard nothing.

    This is the only other way I have found to get in touch with admin so plese forgive my attitude but I'm feeling kinda ripped-off & ignored. I think most of you would be rather pissed if you were in the same situation.
  12. I dont get how the shop and the forum aint linked, they are the same company and you cant show any bongs or anything from another site. GC changes your link to a GC store link, and dont the shop keep the forum running. :confused:
  13. I just want to know what the fuck is going on. I don't need this shit in my life ffs.
  14. The help desk opens at 8am CET, at the moment it's 12:47am CET so don't expect a ticket response for at least 8 hours.
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    You placed your order 7 days ago but you opened 3 tickets over a week ago... As has been explained, the forums and the shop are not connected, you will have to use support to contact the shop. No one can help you here. Please be patient. Becoming irate and hostile never solved anything. Your products are being shipped from over seas( certainly a long way from Australia) and I can assure you that Grasscity will not rip you off. I have ordered from them many times And always received my order. Please also take into account that many pipes etc are ordered per request. Some of which even custom blown.

    Support will help you. The links are above.
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