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  1. Just curious...

    Does anyone answer threads anymore? Where is everyone? I have all these questions I've been posting, but as of today only like 1 or 2 have been answered. I am admittedly new to growing and I would like to know with a slight bit more assurance that I am doing things correctly and am not on a path to burning my house down or anything (ie. my flowerbox question).

    A lot of you on here are experienced growers with much knowledge to share. But you had to start somewhere, right? Many of us, myself included check my email a few times a day (as well as the site itself) hoping to hear back from anyone who might have an answer to the question posed, only to find day after day, nobody has even made an attempt to answer any of the questions.

    What point is there to this forum if the only thing that gets a response are the harvest pics people put up..and geez, if they've already harvested, they probably don't have many questions they need to ask anyway.

    Hopefully someone will take a few seconds to read this and hopefully, let me in on the "secret handshake" that gets thread ?s answered.

    Sorry to be negative, but...


    By the way, here's the list of threads I've posted and am still waiting for answers on:

    Indoor Growing Section: "Quick Question" page 1, "Flowerbox Question" page 2, "Cloning vs Regeneration" page 3

    Grow Room Design/Setup Section: "Thermostat Controlled Fans" page 1
  2. most people would opt to clone as regeneration requires you to leave some of the buds and the stress can kill the plant...cloning is the most used method, however can be ratther tricky itself depending on what rooting formula you use, temp, light etc....Peace out....Sid
  3. I have been sucking the information found here and applying a varity of ideas as I go along.
    I do find this place helpful and interesting.

    I am a newbie but i guess rather lucky. Such as, I cut a piece exactly as discribed to clone ( once I figured out what cloning was) and the little guy took off like a champ. I did it rather wrong because it was small like 2" total and stuck him 1" in the soil. Next day it was very droopy and I figured I better place it in the smoke pile before the thing rotted..I waited one day and she came alive and 4 days into it I saw new growth coing up the middle.

    I started a scrog area - through my son out so I can have his room for flowering and added HPS lights all over the place.

    Things are a popping and I am having fun at it..
    I am still 6 - 8 weeks away from a harvest but I got some dammed good looking plants...LOL.
    I hope I get buds cause I have read of folks getting good looking plants that only stay green..

    My first plant to flower was a girl...I am soooo happy.LOL
  4. congratulations, you're a proud father of another young one...lol....Peace out...Sid

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