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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Emphatogen, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. I'd like to say "Hi". I just ordered a box and the basics to go in it, and will pick it up tomorrow from my local, lovely, perfectly legal grow shop : )
    I live in Prague and here, having up to 5 plants is legal so I figured why not?
    I'm actually more excited about growing than smoking, in fact I think I'll cry when I first harvest my little friends... but there you go.
    It'll be the perfect project for a long cold winter.
    Nice to meet you all ~~~
  2. Hello, what is the Czech Republic like? Good weed?

    Some of my ancestors were from there.
  3. Welcome, it's nice to know that someone from somewhere where security issues and legality won't be much of a problem as it is for someone who live's in a place where germinating a single seed is jail-time gets as excited as we do to see our little friends grow old and die. And for their beautiful life, we smoke the fruits of their labour:):).
    I wish you all the success in the world, you deserve it. I hope I find your journal and can follow your grow. Good luck.

  4. Very Bohemian. As in: laid back, non-violent pleasure-loving types.

    Pretty nice, I guess - I'm not an expert. There's a lots of legal, local growers and a couple of full-scale grow shops. The nice thing too is not having to worry so much about smoking it.
    Though almost everyone only smokes tobacco joints : (
  5. So I guess I'm nearly there, and it's been smooth sailing. I bought one of these at my local grow shop. Set it up myself - easy enough. Once I learned how to wire things... I wanted to do the whole thing with no help from my husband. Bought some Fruit Spirit seeds from Greenhouse, and a few Skunk #1 from Sensi seeds. They thrived. Literally sprang out of the seed cases, after a day in wet towels on a slight heat source. There are 3 pots in the closet.

    Got some free nutes at a hemp fair. Both Atami and Hesi were giving them away. Those must have really worked - The Fruit Spirits are supposed to be 50-60 cm, and they were already 70 when I realized I really ought to switch the light cycle.

    The only mishap was not flowering them much sooner. Only days ago did I learn about the "grow them til their 1/3 the height you want to harvest at" rule. So these are way too tall already, and I had to tie them down, which was not the original plan. Stress after flower - not a good idea, I've heard. But we'll see what happens. If it takes a little longer that's fine, I hardly ever smoke anyway so I'm in no rush.

    Now it's one week into 12/12. I'm a bit stunned at the ease of it all. First grow, complete newb, happy camper.
    Just wanted to share - since people come on to bring up their problems : )
  6. Emphatogen, I am currently study abroad in Prague and I think I may know which grow shop you are talking about. Is it located in Prague 3? I have only been here a week so I have not had a chance to check it out yet but I definitely going to stop by there very soon.

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