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Indica or Sativa ?

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  1. What up stoners and loners. I've been browsing the grasscity forums since age 14 but just now decided to make an account. A little bit about me I suppose.
    I am an 18 yr old MMJ patient from Michigan. I do everything, from the north to the south, east to the west, job wise. I'm currently getting into business, have rented out apartments to people for my uncle, done some web development work and a whole host of shitty factory jobs. I prefer indica strains to sativa as they provide my pain relief and help with my insomnia. Sour Diesel (straight up sativa that will fuck you up) though is my favorite strain of all time. My favorite indica has to be Northern Lights. That shit will jack you up, but you feel fuckin good as balls. Like don't shit in the world matter because you're in your own euphoric state.

    I toke on the ganja because it helps me to continue living. It fixes my horrible back pain, has helped me greatly with my severe nausea/cachexia, and it's my main outlet for attempting to win this 5 year long battle with depression. Every day is a struggle in this world but the ganja is the one thing that keeps me going. I'm hoping to talk to some cool as fuck people on here mainly. I come on here a lot just to browse the different discussions and escape whatever I'm dealing with. That's about it for my introduction. Thx for reading, that was so kind of you.
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  2. Welcome new blade. I'm glad that you receive all the benefits of MMJ, stay humble my friend.

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