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  1. Hey Everybody,

    Im new to grasscity forums, in the past ive posted on thegrowreport.com i kinda miss the interweb forum community thing and recently a friend encouraged me to get back into it.

    So here is a little about my setup that i've recently expanded. I run a perpetual cycle consisting of six four week stages with varying numbers of plants per stage depending on strain, plants start the cycle as clones and generally root in two weeks and at that time are placed in "solo" cups with a direct application of great white. They remain in these cups under a single t5 for two more weeks, until the end of the first stage.

    At this point the cups are transplanted to 5 gallon buckets with custom TLO layers, dry nutrient spikes and a thick layer of mulch these plants continue to veg out under five 4ft t5s for four weeks (stage 2)

    then these plants are moved to continue veg under 600 watt MH for another four weeks (stage 3) most of my extreme long flowering sativas (like full moon)go directly to flower under 1000 Hps or "blue" MH instead of this stage but most hybrids and all my indicas hang out and veg a little while longer and enter stage 4 under a second 600 MH, 10 week hybrids (like death star) only stay in this stage for two weeks and go into the flower room early, my pure indicas and 8 week hybrids wait out the whole four weeks of stage 4 under 600 MH

    Stages 5 and 6 are the flowering stages under 1000 hps and 1000 "blue" in the same room and consistently produce harvest every four weeks. specimens are cut down and hung upside down without any manicure in a cool dark dry room (45-50%rh) after about 2 weeks buds are trimmed and cured in jars for another 2 weeks, I water with low ppm water every other week opposite of a bi weekly feeding with actively aerated compost tea tailored specifically for the stage of growth or flowering the plant is in "Dirt" is TLO and composted for two months prior to use and composed to keep global "p" levels low, confining the "p" to spikes. This soil is 100% organic and vegan containing zero blood, bone, feather or shell products, the only animal products I use are manures so my product does not depend on harming animals as a nutrient source. I also exclude without any consideration any synthetic nutrient, anything containing any amount of chelated nutrient or any strong concentrated organic acids. And its a great way to stay in shape

    Just figured id introduce myself
  2. Tesla was a boss!
  3. welcome to gc!
  4. High and welcome to GC man. I hope your posting pics.
  5. Hello governor. I recommend friending or at least subbing in on their logs. Mjmama and richard dean. Ill c who else.
  6. Can we expect pix?
  7. Were waiting.
  8. Well????? Pix
  9. lQQking....:smoking:
  10. Post some pix
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