Hello Tuesday!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by madeinkorea, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. I'm high right now along with my friend:smoke:

    We tried the sploof or dryer sheet thing tonight, it was pretty amazing after teh first hit to just smell the dryer sheets, thought i would share, haha.

    who else is burning on tuesdayy?
  2. smoked a blunt earlier with my buddy then went to class baked out of my mind.

    the class was astronomy and we were inthe planetarium which made it 100x cooler.
  3. man thats sick, i wish we did that today
  4. i didn't smoke today, but i'm definitely smoking tomorrow morning and going to school baked as a mofo. :hello:
  5. yuppp waked and baked with some friends this morning and just toked a couple bowls...pretty high atm :p if you guys could help me with my webcam i could show u guys wat i got left.
  6. i just smoked two waterfall bong hits of some super dank
  7. ohhh man, my and my boys used to get crippled in my garage almost every friday with this wine bottle waterbong i had, it was topss..
  8. pfft, tuesday night. but 'YAY' nonetheless. :)
    i'll make sure to give wednesday a friendly 'hello' though.
  9. Not gonna lie the drier sheet really fucked me over.

    I have this thing I made which rapes the odor from smoke... however when you have a dumb ass friend over who can't hold a hit and coughs the smoke all over the room ugh pisses me off. Then your mom pounds on the door and yells at you because there's no smoking inside the house! :(
  10. holy shit, going to astronomy high is the best idea ever...

    especially on planetarium day! how did I not think of this...

  11. Damn, That exactly happened to me.
  12. Man you're really missing out! It's amazing reclining back, watching the stars move around (they look so real!) and talking with hot chicks around you. Yesterday the professor put up a picture of background microwave radiation which was similar to this picture

    It was spread over the whole planetarium area and not just on one part of the screen so it was like anywhere I looked I would see this shit warping around and changing colors. I swear I've never tripped out so hard from just marijuana.

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