Hello to all my friends. What should I get?

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  1. Hey guys, how is everyone?
    Well I'm thinking about growing seriously this time like I used to.
    I'm going to get the fox farm nutes, soil, ph meter, and ph down.

    When I grew my plant's with nutrients and bigger container I was able to grow big plant's. You guys seen that the plant's I grew awhile ago were pretty big, especially compared to my last two grows.
    The main thing I need to know is, what type of auto flower plant would you get?
    I'm definitely going to get an auto because that's all I grow now because of the time it takes to grow.
    I seen a vid on youtube with the best strains and blue dream was number 1.

    On my seed site their is an auto blue dream but I'm not sure if it will be as potent as the regular blue dream.
    What would you guys suggest? I really like the dark devil but that's just because it's a purple plant. Someone told me it doesn't matter if the plant has color because in the end I want weed that is as potent as can be. Thanks guys.
  2. Grow what appeals to you. You have been talking about Dark Devil for awhile now. Give it a shot!
  3. If size is an issue look into dwarf plants. They stay shorter than 24" and can pump out a decent yield.
  4. Blue dream is a heady sativa. My 2 favorite strains are GG#4 and GSC.
  5. I only wanted the dark devil because I always wanted to grow a purple plant.
    Their are so many other strains that are way more potent than the dark devil. I'm looking at a northern light strain and it has a high potency, they also don't smell too much.
    Size isn't an issue because it's an autoflower. I grew plants in my closet that would be 3 times the size of an auto flower. Peace
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    Northern Lights was one of my strongest smelling strains. I grew it for a number of years.


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