hello to all from germany

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  1. hey! i'm new at grasscity.com - just want to say 'hello' to all. i'm fom germany and how ya all could imagine it's not legal to smoke weed here. but i live near to the netherlands, so i often spend my time in maastricht. you can get a lot of good weed and hash there. my favourite 'coffeeshop' is the WallStreet (it sells more than 70 different kinds of weed and hash - its like paradise :)..)...has anyone been to the netherlands or especially to Maastricht? i would be interested in some threads form you (what do ya think about the netherlands weed, 'nederweed', coffeeshops and the atmosphere there)...
    best wishes from germany,

  2. Welcome to the best City on the 'Net!! Enjoy your stay here....
  3. Welcome to the city!!....i haven't been to Holland yet but i plan to....so a big hello from Scotland.....the land where you can wear a skirt and not get called a crossdresser...lol...Peace out...Sid
  4. Hi, welcome to THE City...
  5. fuck there are alot of newbees to say hi to!

    hello my german friend

    and hello to all the other newbees out there if i missed your hello thread ...or if you dident have one

    hell fucking o!
  6. Ja ja I've been to Den Dam :D

    Damn this post made me think of Napster... met all my Dutch and German friends on there. Damn Gov't and it's laws!!!!!

    But dude, welcome.

    @dirtydingusus, I know what you mean, but I'm recruiting many from OG!!!!
  7. invite them all brother!!!!!!

    the more the merryer!!!!

    this is the coolest family on the net!

    btw...the only german i ever knew...(who was acctualy from germany)...was an excange student ..he was 16
    i think i was 19 at the time
    he stayed with us more offten than the peolpe he was susposed too be staying with
    he was a good friend

    and he was 6'7"tall at 16 yrs old

    fuck i wonder how tall he got to be

    but i realy was impresed with his attitude twords life
    and the things he told me about life in germany
  8. Went to Germany for a holiday once in the black forrest....beautifull place....we also visited the casino at baden baden...i've never been in a more clean coutry in my life...not even a cigarette but in the street....i'll be going back at some point...very friendly people....Peace out...Sid

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