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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Toe-ker, Jul 21, 2003.

  1. Hi People,
    Just thought id introduce meself,
    Im Tony or Toe-ker (either is fine),
    Coming from Liverpool UK, been chongin since i was 15, (30 now), absoloutely love the stuff, over the years done the usual progression from shitty hash to the finest green .
    Im well into me Indica Skunks nowadays and me fave way is hotkniving it, as well as spliffin it.
    Anyway hope to get to know a few dudes in the 'city'.
    Nice to be Here,
  2. welcome to heaven....lol......kick back, relax and enjoy the site.......are you a footie fan?.....if so do you support Everton or Liverpool??............Peace out........Sid
  3. Alright Sid,
    Thanx for the warm welcome man,
    Yeah Evertonian through & through!
    Sayin that i grew up in a family of Liverpudlians, maybe thats why i hit the weed, to cope wth the stress of football rivalry, LOL only kidding.
    Where are ya from yerself? follow any teams?
    I also have a soft spot for Ajax, as there located in such a wonderful place!....chonging at the match..yer cant beat it.
  4. well i guess you'll like my team for putting liverpool out of the EUFA cup.......?.......i'm a Celtic fan myself, i'll let you guess a rough location, as being a grower, it's never given exacly...........so how do you think you's will fair this season? do you think rooney will deliver?........Peace out.......Sid
  5. Yeah,got ya rough location man, no worries.
    UAFA cup tie! great result that was,thanks for that, all me redshite mates were sick!
    I think this season will be tougher, as defenders know what to expect with Rooney now, and we are still lacking a few decent midfielders (i wouldnt have minded Petrov from you guys).
    How do you feel you will do this season, maybe go further in champions league? have you signed any new players and ive heard is it Larrsons last season?
    Wats the Derby like up there? ive heard its somethin else.

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