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  1. Howdy. :) I'm new here (obviously), but I've been finding answers to my pot questions here through Google searches for quite a while. After yet another time stumbling in recently, I finally just signed up. It'll be nice to talk to other smokers without worrying about people judging me. :)
    I started smoking 2 years ago this month, and I really love it. Even before I achieved my first high, I enjoyed the community feeling of sitting with friends (or even just one friend) and puffing, talking about whatever came to mind. Fast forward to now, and I'm smoking somewhere between weekly and daily. Blame moving to Ann Arbor, MI...it does make things easier, LOL.
    We've got a lot of head shops around here, and a lot of really awesome people, plus lax weed laws that allow for amazing things like Hash Bash. I'm really starting to get into the culture, so I look forward to talking to all of you, and may we all help make one another's lives a little bit cooler.

  2. Hello. Welcome to the Forums. Ann Arbor is sweet, I feel like it's made for stoners... nice small town atmosphere and no stinky cops bothering you. Just makes a great place, especially with the dispensaries opening up. I've been staying here for a couple years now.. It's where I first smoked weed in America, so it's always like home here..
  3. Welcome to the City :wave:
  4. welcome to the city :D

  5. I agree! HI, yeah me and my husband both moved here almost a year ago. And we keep our green love on the down low, like must of us do, but Ann Arbor is a neat open city, and I love that! And welcome on to here too. I am also new but learning the ropes. :)

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