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  1. hello everyone, new grower, and medical patient. Have been going through the forum for months, and decided to finally sign up.

    My plants so far, trying to decide which is best suited for me medically so i started with a purple haze,super lemon haze, and sour diesel. Currently they are week 6, and week 5 of flowering. One i started sooner than the other bcause i was dealing with only a single plant. the other 2 are a tad older due to a buddy feeling sorry for me so he hooked me up. was wasting alot of energy cost on a single plant.

    A few pics
    Purple Haze. 6 weeks into flowering, Sensi bloom part a and b ph perfect(6ml). Bud candy(1ml), sensizym(1ml),overdrive(1ml),B-52 (1ml) im underdosing from the chart a tad, seems like im feeding a redwood tree when doing it by the chart, and has caused slight burn.

    Super lemon: 5 weeks flowering.same dosages as purple haze..more burn on this one, flushed it today some, and will only be adding bloom a and b tell it stops. The white on leaves is safer 3 in 1, and me overspraying.

    Any help with the babies would be appreciated, currently in a 4x4x7 grow room, 400 watt cooled hood, temps run from lights on for 5 hours about 78-to last few hours in low 70's. 3 fans outside circulating air around the tent, 6inch 400cfm going into carbon filter for 1 exhaust, other is going from the hood, straight outside into a hollowed out window airconditioner (stealthy =:}) with an 8inch pulling the air through and a 6inch pushing the air into the hood. so about 800 total cfm between the 2, 1200 total cfm pulling and pushing air into room.

    Thanks ahead of time, and for the all the info ive already read. looking forward for alot more education.
  2. tough crowd.....
  3. looking good man very nice for first grow

    lol love how you say AN chart makes you feel like your feeding a redwood tree

    ignore the couple leafs with a burn or off color, if u see alot of it or a majority on the leafs then be concerned

    sometimes it takes a while for people to reply on here dont be discouraged
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    i do see the burn now on the tips of your leafs on the one plant mostly

    you got way to much nugs to be spraying too btw IMO
  5. I dont think I let that Lemon haze run off enough this last feed, so i flushed it last night, looks better this morning, will only add half of what sensi bloom calls for this week.

    The safer 3 in 1 isnt good? its 100% organic, and that is about 2 weeks old when i sprayed, im not using it again because i fear if i ever did get spider mites, i might mistake it for the film that the 3 in 1 left behind!?
  6. I am saying dont spray because you have too much buds now and dont want to contaminate them or make mold
  7. understandable, this is designed to stop fungus, so mold shouldnt be present ever
  8. any other opinions on the safer ?
  9. it looks fine
  10. thank you! any idea why the run off on only one of my plants is like blood red? the super lemon that the leaves were burning, the others is alot clearer...same nutes schedule.
  11. no idea, mine usualy comes out with a yellow tinge probably mostly from any molasses that get added. your plants look healthy other then the tips beiong a bit burnt, i would just ignore it as long as u have evened out the nute level

    looks like you will be enjoying a harvest the same time as i will be :D:smoke:
  12. yup sounds just like my other 2, slight yellow ting....very strange. I just ordered a jewelers loop from ebay, so ill be able to check everything nice now!
  13. I just cant get my fucking PH right!!!!!! Kinda broke right now to get a PH meter....ugh, hate these yellow tips...only a week to go..

  14. you be fine, just use plain ro or distiled water or plain tap water that has been sat out to dechlorinate
  15. that might be part of my problem not letting it sit out......

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    Still dealing with slight PH issues, people ebay take to long to pay for stuff honestly, what other auction houses allow a month basically, then you cant leave NEGATIVE FEEDBACK! PAY i need a ph meter! lol

    anyhow...4-5 weeks to go, buds are frosting out nice on the super lemon haze, not fat fat, but as tall as lighter..she looking nice besides tips...still flushing, no nutes in a week now

  17. the 5 dollar aquarium tester drops are very acurate

    as long as you are not color blind
  18. lets have a close up of that cola :)
  19. Ill take a better one tonight when im watering, and the mylar isnt effecting the flash as much, little bright

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