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  1. Hello stoner friends, My name is nick from miami.
    I would like to tell a quick story of how i got started, Growing up my parents always told me that drugs, alcahol is bad and kills ambition, makes you lazy etc... So when i started (public) high school from private the're was a whole new world i had to experience & the adjustment was hard. Since most people smoked marijuanana & drank alcohol i didn't have much friends. My best friend from middle school who was like a brother to me started to smoke & drink and i slowly drifted away from talking to him and it ended, And typing this I have much regret the chances i missed out on the friendships i could have made, The girlfriend's i could have had. Skip forward all thru high school when i dropped out in the 11th grade to get my GED (Which i successfully completed and now graduated) :) 
    I had a couple of buddies i knew from elementary school that did paintball with me and when they started to smoke the same started happing. But my friend kicked me in my ass and convinced me that people who smoke are much better than those who dont. Boy was he right at 17 i had my first blunt and it was so chill but i didn't get high (Took a hiatus for 6months). I accepted that people who blazed where awesome (they where) And when 18 came i started hanging more, I made so many new friends recently that are fantastic and caring. They offer there house almost every weekend and all they ask in return is you respect their property and pitch in.  I'm being invited almost every day to hang with someone.
    All this has only started happening for the past 4 months. It took me almost 10 times to finally get high and it was the best experience ever. I cant wait to be a part of this amazing community. Side note im very lucky to have a good connect who gets some amazing medical. My friends told me the've never been so high and they cap off her now :)
    -Thank You
    Nick G.  

  2. I really enjoyed reading that, glad to hear you have joined the dank side.
  3. I'm happy for you brother.
    Eventually you should make your way into the world of tripping with Lucy... Then you're getting to some insightful people.

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