Hello! New 'oldie' , welcome advice please.

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  1. Hi, I am new to all this sort of thing, and getting on a bit now as well, but joined to see if I could get some advice. I have just tried to buy some legal stuff from Headshop.co.uk the uk's number 1 (it said) with a green frog logo.
    The reason was I wanted something for pain relief, and to relax me, as I have cronic back pain and have suffered from cancer. The headshop took my money but no goods, they do not reply to emails and the order tracking system, always states, 'allow 24 hours for order to enter system' but it has now been much longer than that.
    Can anyone advise a reputable place to buy from, (not too expensive please as I can't work much to get cash) and whats the best thing for my needs?
    Many thanks
  2. You're not gonna get any good pain relief unless you smoke the real stuff.
  3. Hello people, I've just stumbled across this site & it looks pretty legit. I stumbled across it because I was trying to find somewhere to buy online. Years ago an old friend told me of a site (which I think was endorsed by the hip hop artist Tricky) that you could actually buy from, apparantly you'd buy some crappy plastic statue & they'd send you the good stuff.
    Anyway, I cant find this site anywhere & I'm getting really bored of spending a fortune on weak, wet rubbish. There must be somewhere online right? Am I living in a dreamworld or does anyone know of such a place?! Help much appreciated.
    ps I live in the UK

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