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hello, new here, quick question, hope someone knows

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by stinkytofus, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. hi i am new here,

    i'd like to know if i can take butylated Hydroxytoluene and thc together? i googled it but it only says BHA and THC can give lungs issues but besides that i haven't found anything concrete relating to thc and bht being taken together

    bht is a preservative that has excellent antiviral properties in under 1000mg quantities a day, which is why i am taking it (for cold sores, happens once a year, very annoying), but i enjoy being lit everyday but afraid having these two components in my system can possibly be health threatening, does anyone know if it has any bad effects if taken together?

    should i assume its okay to take together since nothing on google or yahoo (i poured thru it) has anything on it

    thanks !

  2. Talking about drugs other then weed & alcohol is against the rules..
  3. my apologies, just trying to see if anyone has any info on this, and its not a drug, its an organic or synthetic preservative that is in many of our foods (cereal, butter, and cetera) so i think it is something worth finding out about, a beneficial topic for many, especially for me or anyone who has viruses that causes cold sores, herpes, and cetera, it is known to destroy the outer lipid layer of viruses so that your body can destroy them
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  4. Oh didn't know it wasn't a drug i apologise, it just sounded like a drug lol I've never heard of it
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  5. Synergistic cytotoxicity of Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol and butylated hydroxyanisole - ScienceDirect
  6. any chemists here? i know that bha and bht are close cousins but does it make them same? that article you posted galaxy420 is the only article that has something bad to say about bha and thc being together

    does taking bht and thc together have any toxicity effects on the body? seems like bha and thc do for lungs

    a lot of the foods we consume have bha or bht still

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