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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by honeyDutched, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. Hello Grasscity.com, i stumbled on this site about 3 weeks ago, and now after reading a little i think that im ready to start asking questions on my grow.

    i got a bunch or sour deasel seeds from one of my friends and i know that they are for indoor grow only with the use of hps but since these are the seeds that i have im going to work and experiment with them anyways. my real questions are: are some strains easier to grow then others and does the indoor/outdoor growing reccomdation for certain strains really matter, or is this strain just going to die once i plant it outside?

    another concern that i have with this plant is i germanated the seed to about 1/4-.5 inch long planted them(2) by accident upside down. white root up and i still got a small green stem and 2 little leaves poking up about 1/4inch. one of the plant died right away , but another one is fighting to make the journey to greatness. will this die like the other or should i keep working with this one.

    My plans for this project is just to learn and see what this growing thing is really like. i would however like to have success but im not sure that the sour deasel will work outdoor like i plan to put it... if it wont should i go for a all outdoor reccommended strain and which ones are the easies to grow.

  2. HIGH All, welcome to The City honeyDutched.....yes it does matter..some strains are just meant for indoors and some out. Like the SD you have is 9 to 11 weeks. So unless you have a long outdoor grow season it'd work, if not it'll be best to grow indoors.

    Texada Timewarp is good for outdoors and when it cools at night near the end they turn a nice little purple color.
  3. sour deisel should do well outside .... as far as the germed babies .... id go ahead n get all the dirt off the current survivor REAL GENTLY as to not damage the taproot and re pot it so that root is goin down and the water leaf is out of the soil ... if ive got alot of seeds id germ 5-6 again then take the strongest and condition them for out side...
    this point in the year id probably veg the hell out of them inside with constant airmovement and try yo simulate outside conditions... temp, humidity,ect... then go put em in the dirt JUNE 21......just my 0.02
  4. HIGH All, sorry but I had to chime in again....you start playing with that little seeder it's as good as dead. I know SD would not grow well outside here on The WET Coast.
  5. naw c'mon man when ya germ in anything out side of your soil you have to handle it to put it in the dirt .... that thing shouldnt have anything more than a single taproot...
    never grown sour deisel ...... think id have to try just to know
  6. HIGH All, hey you guys are the pro's.....I'll just sit back from now on and just look.
  7. i transplanted the remains of the origional grow and this is what it looks like now,, sorry about the quality. does it look right.. this is day 6

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  8. sorry for the delay in pics but after 5 days these are what the plants are looking like after a 12/12 any help with sexing it would be helpful
  9. Not on those little sprouts. See my thread on sexing, click on the link in my sig.
  10. not the sprouts but the link that i most recently posted, i dont know how those sprout pics even got posted.


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