Hello new Friends! (:!!! i need your HElP Important**!!!!

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  1. Hello,
    My name is Bill and im a marijuana addict:(
    i hope you can all support me and help me i never ment for it to come this far its just no one understands and i'm pissed off. Marijuana is the bees knees, the big ShaBangg. I'm moving to Australia i already have a one way ticket tomorrow at 5am at the Atlanta airport and i plan on growing a weed farm out in the outback i have 10,00 dollars cash already converted to 9,121.97 AUD but i don't want to have a divorce, i have a wife and 3 sons, but i haven't told my family anything yet. I already have my baggage packed i just need advice should i tell them i'm leaving today or just leave tonight at 2a.m like i planed without sayying anything and be in Australia chilling in the outback sippin on a Fosters smokin a dutch without any worries
  2. Smoking on a fat blunt of AustralianTsunamiKush What do you guys think????????
  3. Bill, you may be psychologically addicted, but cannabis is about as addicting as coffee, physically! You CAN "kick the habit" with only a week of being "uptight"! Here is what the Merck Manual says about "cannabis addiction and withdrawals"!

    Marijuana is a euphoriant that can cause sedation or dysphoria in some users. Overdose does not occur. Psychologic dependence can develop with chronic use, but very little physical dependence is clinically apparent. Withdrawal is uncomfortable but requires only supportive treatment.....

    However, heavy use and reports of inability to stop are unusual. Critics of marijuana cite much scientific data regarding adverse effects, but most claims of significant biologic effect are unsubstantiated....

    Withdrawal: Cessation after 2 to 3 wk of frequent, heavy use can cause a mild withdrawal syndrome, which typically begins about 12 h after the last use. Symptoms consist of insomnia, irritability, depression, nausea, and anorexia; symptoms peak at 2 to 3 days and last up to 7 days....
    (BFD! :p -Granny)


    • Supportive measures
    Treatment is usually unnecessary; for patients experiencing significant discomfort, treatment is supportive. Management of abuse typically consists of behavioral therapy in an outpatient drug treatment program.

    Marijuana addict? Hon, I have helped real addicts come down! Marijuana doesn't even belong in the same category as hard, truly addictive drugs! It is comparable to quitting coffee and easier than cigarettes!

    If you are "addicted" to cannabis, grow a pair and quit! :p

    As for the rest of your post- You are leaving the wife and kids without a word:bolt:, taking the family savings to run away to Australia to grow pot and want us to help you do it so she won't divorce you? Fat Chance! I hope she takes you for every penny you have!

    And "way to be" a mature and upstanding spouse and parent, dude!" NOT! :cool:

    I am HOPING you are one of our 12 year old trolls, since I would be greatly disappointed in anyone in their mid-20s or older acting in such a screwed up manner. :mad:


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