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Hello neighbor questions.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Weedology, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. I looked online and didnt find anything. I have a hello neighbor and was wondering,how long does it last, and if you can fix it. And how do you know its done and not working. Thanks

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  2. What the fuck is a Hello Neighbor?

    Kinda like Hello Kitty?

    What the fuck you saying, OP?
  3. Lol I'm guessing he means this ish.

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  4. Like a smoke buddy lmfao

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  5. Smoke buddies are kinda like fuck buddies. Once you no long have what they want they're gonna leave your ass.Op I suggest you get real friends and toke up with them ,but if they don't smoke then don't pressure them to be something they're not(peer pressure is bad mkay) . Ya know what I'm saying?
  6. lol why would you buy this when you can:
    A) not give a fuck about smell (assuming you cant do this)
    B) make a spoof..
    C) smoke outside
  7. I am cracking the fuck up😂 literally. Omg a hello neighbor is a device you blow smoke through and it hides the
    Odor completely like mine smells like jasmine.

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  8. So in other words it's nothing more than an expensive sploof you acquired online. I always considered sploofs to be useless considering the inline smoke from your blunt ,joint ,or bowl will still cause the surrounding area to smell regardless of the smoke you exhale through said device. Do yourself a favor and go outside if smell is that much of an issue friend (just my opinion).
  9. Ok

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