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  1. i couldnt find any of these stickers so i made one what yea think pretty basic but i plan to get a couple printed
  2. haha thats awesome, just slap it on the baggie. good idea
  3. hahhaha very nice
  4. Kinda big but good idea
  5. Resolution acts differently on the screen than it does on paper.

    With the simplicity of everything on the sticker itself, he could print one as small as an inch by two inches all the way up to 10 feet by twenty feet.
  6. you should slap them on jars and sell the jars
  7. or i could just use it for my baggies like said above
  8. of course, jars are better, and people would buy them, so i guess ill just take that idea and make money off it
  9. Put these on the market, or sell em to dispensaries.
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    I love this idea so much i'm going to print pages of them and give them to all my friends. You are a gentleman and a scholar

    Thought i'd post a picture. I printed them in a few different colors. Orange kush would look silly with a blue sticker. as would purple haze.
  11. awesome man :)
  12. Awesome idea!

    I'm growing Tangerine Dream. I'll throw these on my curing jars. Taped both sides with extra clear packaging tape

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  13. + rep for innovation

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