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  1. my name is not really L. its one of my many aliases.

    heres a list of my online ones:
    now my irl ones:
    turtle man(i own 6 turtles)
    larry(from blue collar comedy tour, no im not him)
    theres more but too many to list. J-Dog is the most used one and its the one i like best, so if you want to call me that then go for it.

    my hobbies...
    chill with friends
    write about the day in my online journal(i might be posting it here somewhere later on)
    fix things
    make things to smoke out of form household items
    in a few weeks im starting an online business. im going to be buying and selling money for a MMORPG. i used to play the game alot but it got boring and theres still a market for the money on there so im going to use it to make some irl cash. if i get big enough i could make like $60,000 a year from it. i know someone who makes that or more with it.

    avereage amount i smoke a week...depends on how much money i have and how much my friend comes over to roll blunts. he smokes alot more than me and hes pretty much my dealer. im not a "seasoned toker" but i have been smoking for 4 years.

    it gets pretty boring around here, thats partly why i smoke. my new friend steven smokes and so does his whole family. hes one of my best friends.

    speaking of best friends, my best friend is going to a program for probation for 6-9 months and im pissed and sad at the same time. hes giving me some of his things like this $120 mouse he uses for his laptop. my best friend is leaving for 6-9 months in less than a week, how would you feel?

    all i know is shti happens. this is one of my many mottos. another one is "dont worry about something you cant control".

    idk, im bored now so ll leave you to read and post. peace out.

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